mercredi 26 janvier 2011

Today, I had a look at my "Coté Ouest " magazines and chose some pictures I like to share with you.
I love these old toys, the bird cage and the atmosphere of the room.
I love this old cooker...
This still life if I remember the word for "Nature morte" in french!
This dining room...
This interior...
This nice quiet and comfortable place to read...
Last night i baked some " Water biscuits for cheese ",they are very good with cheese and chutney!
I never had fennel seeds before, it is rather strong but i will try them with good cheese tonight!

And this morning I had my fresh yogurt , done during the night!
Let's have a corner view of the kitchen!
And in my kitchen you have this: " Never trust a skinny cook!"
Let's have a look at the pantry...
You won't see much, all the shelves are hidden by thick linen curtains.
The laundry.

( you may click to enlarge)
Here is the recipe if you want to taste. Well I had to go shopping now, I will see you later... Have a good day!

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desde my ventana a dit…

Fabulous Catherine,
Have a nice day,

Rosetta a dit…

Caterina dolci immagini,mi piace molto quella con i giocattoli,mi vie voglia di tornar bambina!!!Ciao,Rosetta.

Blue Cottage a dit…

WOW..... I like the pictures,
especially the one with the old cooker.
Thanks voor your recipe, I'll try it this weekend with some good French cheese.
Regards Cobi

Nannarè a dit…

j'aime à mourir tien blog suis merveilleux et merveilleux il est tout ce de Paris salut et complimentes

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Hello Catherine!
Love the pictures from your magazine..what beautiful rooms! BUT I really love what you showed us of your kitchen and pantry. Very nice indeed. Those water biscuits look'll have to tell us what they taste like and what kind of cheese you had with them. Now I'm hungry...time for breakfast! Have a wonderful day.
Maura :)

lluna a dit…

Acabo de conocer tu blog!!! Es un blog lleno de bellos detalles con vida. Ya me he hecho tu seguidora. Saludos. Olga.

cuore antico a dit…

I like the first picture ... I would like to be in that room.
Fantastic the bear.

karolina a dit…

Very nice photo and i lovely about kichten:)Great Karolina

Östervik9 a dit…

I like the pictures,
Have a wonderful day.
//Camilla Sweden

La Vie Quotidienne a dit…

Oh you seem to have the most wonderful design magazines in France...I am so envious. These are all wonderful ideas. Your little pig is so cute. Have a happy day.

Erika Nagy Farkas Dudás a dit…

Nagyon szép szobák és fotók!
Szép estét!

Life In a Little House a dit…

Oh nice pictures I love how the homes have so much in them but they do not feel cluttered they just looked well loved and lived in ~Thanks for sharing Love Heather

Sylvia a dit…

I do love that first picture with the old teddy bears !
So cosy in your kitchen, Catherine !

@nne a dit…

merci pour cette belle ambiance! bon weekend, @nne

Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan a dit…

Preciosas imágenes como siempre!!