lundi 10 janvier 2011

Today, I choose to share with you a book I particularly like. I find these creations beautiful, the mixing of new and ancient fabric very successful.
This is very nice to show your favorite pictures.
I love this one, i think it's a very good idea.
What about this bag? Lovely isn't it?
I wish you a good week.
These pages have been taken from this book.

13 commentaires:

Rosetta a dit…

Immagini dolcissime,delicato l'azzurro ed il rosa.Ciao,Rosetta,buona giornata!

Blue Cottage a dit…

Red isn't my favorite colour as you know ;)
but those ideas are very beautiful.
Thanx for sharing.
Regards Cobi

Erika Nagy Farkas Dudás a dit…

Nagyon szép párnák, én is varrok, friss ötletet találtam itt!
Szép napot!

Pétales de fées a dit…

J'aime tout ce que tu nous montres ! Et comme je ne possède pas ce livre, je le mets dans ma liste des prochains achats !
Belle semaine à toi ! Bisous

Trets Welt a dit…

Einfach wunderschön bei dir.Schöne Woche wünsche ich dir.Bussi.Luciene.

Suzanne a dit…

Lovely pictures!
I have to books from Sylvie Castellano but this one is new to me.Thank you for sharing your beautiful book
I realy have to search for it:)
Have a great week
p.s. Love your music!!!

Heather a dit…

What a beautiful book. Thanks for sharing!

Madelief a dit…

Dear Catherine,

That looks like a beautiful book. It filled with so many creative ideas!

Wish you a Happy evening!

Lieve groet, Madelief

The song you chose for your blog sounds very sweet!!

cuore antico a dit…

This book is fantastic...full of beautiful things.

september cottage a dit…

Dear Catherine!!!!

Very inspiring and very lovely pictures!!! Unfortunately I am useless with needle and thread...something I would LOVE to take up though!!

Happy New Year to you - bit late, sorry!!! :)

Nicola x

p.s. Love you choice of music, feel transported!!

Bela a dit…

Dear Catherine, I am enchanted with so may adorable images!! Tout est beau! Tout est coloré et délicat!! I wish I dream about all these lovely images tonight!! Merci, chère Catherine!
Bisous!! Bela

La Vie Quotidienne a dit…

You find the most interesting and beautiful books and magazines to share with us...this is lovely, I like everything. Very romantic.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Catherine I love these fabrics and what they have done with them. I wish I had such pretty fabrics at home as I'd love to try and make something like that pillow. Thanks for sharing this book with us!
Maura :)