mercredi 12 janvier 2011

Just to say hello! I am still working hard, sawing, painting...It should be finishedn by Friday , if I don't get the flu before! When I went shopping I think i have been contaminated!!! My region  has the greatest number of persons suffering from flu!
But I can't stop now, can I??? Hope I will feel better tomorow...
Today I painted a desk, yesterday Two bedside tables. I have still got 6 doors from the wardrobe and the bedroom door, hope I can make it! 
Today I recieved Three Emma Bridgewater mugs, I will show you tomorow.
See you tomorow.

7 commentaires:

Rita a dit…

Looks wonderful! Looking forward to seeing those mugs tomorrow.

Heidi a dit…

Don't work too much Catherine! :-D
I wait for the Emma Bridgewater mugs!
Good night!

Aunt Amelia's Attic a dit…

Oh please don't get the flu! I'm on my second round of antibiotics, for acute Bronchitis, myself.

@nne a dit…

merci pour les fleurs! @nne

Hausfrau a dit…

Beautiful photo. Hope you don't get the flu--don't work too hard!

franca a dit…

But you are "Wonder Woman"?
Your work is beautiful!!!!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Hello again Catherine! You've been a busy girl...please get some rest so you don't get sick. My poor sister in England has only now gone back to work after being sick just before what ever is going around is VERY bad. Take good care of yourself ok....sip some tea in one of those beautiful mugs ;)
Maura :)