vendredi 7 janvier 2011

I must renew my cushions and cover my foot stool , but no idea yet of 'what will be what"? This fabric comes from " le marché Saint Pierre" in Paris and I may ude it on the footstool??? I love the angels!
The dot and stripped one a cushion...

This one I don't know yet?
This one in my bedroom...
I think the first fabric matches perfectly with these ancient plates.
I love their delicate colour and patterns.
Looking closely, you can see how delicate the drawing is.
They  have no real value, only to me.Lovely, cosy week end!

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Blue Cottage a dit…

ohhhhh those blue angel-fabric
looks nice.
So I have to go to Paris for this
fabric :(
Nice music on your Blog by the way.
Have a nice weekend.
regards Cobi

Pétales de fées a dit…

C'est très beau ! J'ai une préférence pour le tissu du marché Saint Pierre , que je connais bien pour l'avoir arpenté en long et en large de nombreuses années !
Je suis justement à la recherche d'un vieux repose-pieds à refaire !!!

La Vie Quotidienne a dit…

All of these fabrics are lovely. I am very fond of toile and the plates look so 'right' with the sample you show here. (-:

Sylvia a dit…

That fabric with the angels is gorgeous, Catherine !
Love the room where you blog, so cosy !
Nice weekend,

Heather a dit…

The toile is perfect with the plates. So beautiful!


forget the fabric--I just love, love, love those plates--you are a lucky girl to have them!!!

Patty a dit…

I so agree with Di, I LOVE,LOVE those plates!!! I am very partial to anything with birds on it. The fabric is the perfect match with those!! I really love your taste and the fabric choices that you have. I am so looking forward to your re-do of the bedroom!!!

Micky a dit…

Dear Catherine,

Thanks for your Visit. I hope this year will be better for all the people than 2009. the crisis is very deep in the world and Here in Spain many people are without jobs and they can't survive.

The plates and the fabric with angels are beautiful

All the best,

Life In a Little House a dit…

The Fabric is just beautiful I love it!! and the plates are lovely!! Good Luck with your projects love Heather

Diane a dit…

How beautiful ALL of the fabrics and plates are, Catherine. I'd have a difficult time choosing too.
I'll bet the plates would fetch a good price here in the US. I've never seen these patterns before. Lovely!
Hugs, Diane

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Oh Catherine I love all the fabrics you have there and the plates...they are BEAUTIFUL! I see what you mean about the delicate patterns especially in the backgrounds. Very pretty. I'm excited to see all the patterns together...have fun!
Maura :)