jeudi 13 janvier 2011

End of my week of bedroom makeover and my Emma Bridgewater mugs.

Hello everyone! The bedroom makeover is nearly finished only little things more to do.
Do you remember the Ikea desk ( which was previously in my children student flat) It had black iron legs , I found a solution to hide them , the same way to hide the chain holding a chandelier( if you see what I mean?)
Then I painted the table itself and chair.
I used rough toile to cover the legs in the same colors i used in the room.

This one was brown too.
At the end you've got this...
The new bed cover. I painted the two bed side tables( waiting for some proper ones!)
Need two more small frames.
This was before.
First step
Second step. I painted 12 doors.
Yesterday, I recieved my Emma Bridgewater mugs!

It makes me think of SPRING!
Rsapberry meringues...and tea, I need some tea!
Aren't they lovely?
I don't know if you remember the before.
Well I am going to relax and drink my cup of tea!!! See you soon! (JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE IF YOU WANT TO ENLARGE but there  may be some dust!...)

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Rosetta a dit…

Anch'io sto preparando il thè e sto guardando i blog,la tua camera mi piace molto,l'angolo studio invita a scrivere.Belle anche le tazze.Buon pomeriggio,Rosetta.

La Vie Quotidienne a dit…

The room looks beautiful and what you did with the desk is so original and very charming...what a wonderful idea!

Trets Welt a dit…

hallo,ich bin begeistert von deine idee...die beine sind so schön geworden...alles ist soo schön...und der decke,ein traum.Schön Tag noch.Bussi.Luciene.

Jackie a dit…

Hi Catherine

What a great room, I love all your ideas!! I especially like the tea tray with all the British items!! I hope you had some Yorkshire tea / bags, the best!!

We are hoping to visit Normandy this year, was hoping to make it in May but my new grandson is due on the 5th!! I will email you if that is ok for advice.

Have a good nights sleep in your wonderful new bedroom, Jackie in Surrey, UK.

Heidi a dit…

Catherine, it is beautiful!
What a great idea to cover the desk iron's leg with fabric sleeves!
I love your Emma Bridgewater mugs and the teapot, but I don't know why, it makes me Autumn, not Spring, the one with Union Jack, not the others.
Spring is for daffodils and blue tit bird. By the way they are all wonderful, and I also like a lot the little glass with heart on the desk.
You have done a great work!

Pétales de fées a dit…

Superbe chambre ! Comme tu dois t'y sentir bien, apaisée, au calme ! Je rêve d'une nouvelle chambre aussi du coup !

Cass @ That Old House a dit…

You did a LOT of painting, Catherine, and it all looks lovely. I am very impressed with your table legs -- what a creative idea! It's charming.

Thank you for your good wishes for Josh and Alida. I am busy planning a wedding now, and hoping it will be as close to perfect for them as it can be. It is exciting, and we're delighted to welcome Josh to our family.

All best wishes,

Julie Harward a dit…

Hi there, thanks for your visit. I love the desk and what you did to it, I have never seen a desk with leg stockings before...very cute! :D

Sylvia a dit…

Wow, you did a great job, Catherine, what a good idea with the table legs !
Everything looks so lovely and cosy !
Beautiful mugs, love the one with the birds !
Enjoy your tea,

Bela a dit…

Dear Catherine, your bedroom is heavenly pretty!!! So delicate! I love it!!! Love!! Bela

Rita a dit…

Love love that table and hose special legs; tu es une artiste! And and I bet the tea is so good in your new mugs. C'est donc beau chez toi.

Eva a dit…

Wow!! It is looking really beautiful!!!

It's me a dit…

It is looking so great !!! i love it !! and o yes .....Emma Bridgewater is really beautiful we have the robin service......happy day

Erika Nagy Farkas Dudás a dit…

Jó reggelt, csodavilág!

Bleudelavande a dit…

Ooohhh Catherine, all is so lovely, you made a wonderful work!!!!
I wish you a happy new year and a nice weekend.

Aunt Amelia's Attic a dit…

Lovely all!!!!!!!!!!!! I love, love, love your way of decorating!

Brilliant ideas for changing things, too.

So glad you aren't sick!

Anonyme a dit…

Good Evening Dear Catherine!

Many many thanks for sharing those beautiful photos of your sweet home!
Everything is so sweet and cozy in your precious nest.
Have a peaceful weekend with your dear ones!
Sweet Blessings.

Genevieve and Alex

cuori e perline a dit…

All is lovely!!!!!!!!!!!

Carolyn a dit…

Enjoy the lovely new cottage look in your bedroom!


Suzanne a dit…

You did a wonderful job!!!
Everything is lovely and very inspiring!
Thank you for sharing,

Leslie a dit…

Oh Catherine ~ It is stunning. I love the dest leg warmers.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

LOL dust seems to be a never ending thing here in the country! Catherine I LOVE what you have done in your bedroom...what a difference some 'leggings' and paint made on the desk! It doesn't even look like the same one. What a great idea for the gives the desk a totally different look...bravo! You went to a lot of work painting all those doors but it certainly paid off ...they look great..what a difference a little paint can make. I love your dress form and the dress on it by the way ;) I also love your ceiling and sky lights on the sloped ceiling..the light is wonderful in there and the room looks huge. You did a beautiful job! I'm ashamed to say I still haven't started on my bathroom..still waiting on hubby to find some time in between all the other things he's doing around the farm but I may start painting another chest of drawers while I'm waiting. OH..just remembered I need sand paper first. That's one of the bad things about living in the can't just pop into the store when ever you want. Oh well...I'd still rather be here in the boonies and have to wait. Life is good! OH ...I LOVE your new mugs...yes they remind me of spring too...can't wait until it's here. Enjoy your tea and your new mugs.
Maura :)

Joy a dit…

Catherine, it is FANTASTIC! More inspiration for me! I have an upstairs guest room that has the sloping cielings and I have thought of making it look romantic--I have all the soft white items I need to do it! Thank you again! Have a wonderful summer day!