jeudi 9 décembre 2010

This morning the road was very slippery here and i had to wait before going out .I n the afternoon, i went to see a little shop i like.This little shop is full of teddy bears, lamps ,soap...
There is a whole family bears!
They are all waiting for xmas to find a home!
I love this one ,looks like a little angel!
This one is the biggest one of the family!
Next to them ,the rag dolls
The cats and geese...
The hens...
Christmas decorations...
All kind of soaps
This little fairy is now in my home!
Cette boutique se trouve au Neubourg, 16 rue Octave Bonnel- 27110 Le neubourg , à quelques kilomètres d' Elbeuf.(02 32 26 30 16)
I hope you enjoyed the visit, good evening ! see you soon.

11 commentaires:

cuore antico a dit…

Oh Catherine,
I open my eyes like donald duck ...
what a beautiful things...the teddy bears are fantastic...
Thanks for this pictures.

Madelief a dit…

Hi Catherine,

What a nice shop! Where you able to resist all the beautiful things inside :-)?

Lieve groet & happy evening!


Sylvia a dit…

What a lovely shop, Catherine !
Love those teddy bears and the little fairy you bought is so beautiful !
Nice evening,

Life In a Little House a dit…

oh oh oh loved the pictures. Teddy bears and Rag Dolls ....thats my favorite!! :) thanks for sharing this shop is wonderful I would love to get lost in there. Although I think a trip to this store would cost me a lot of money hehehehe :) thanks for sharing Love Heather

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Hello Catherine!
What a wonderful little shop...I LOVE bears. I think my favorite is the one you liked..the little one sleeping with the pillow. If I had been there I would have had to bring home a chicken along with a bear ;) Love your new music! Have a wonderful Friday ...Maura :)

Pétales de fées a dit…

Que de merveilles dans cette boutique !
Je craque pour tous les ours ! Cela donne envie de redevenir un enfant !

Anonyme a dit…

Coucou Catherine!

How sweet was your yesterday's
post with all those so cute Teddy Bear's pictures!
Thank's for sharing!

Geneviève and Alex
From Barbara Werkmaster:

"It's pleasant for a bear to come home to the warmth of a fire,take a dollop of honey,talk to a friend,read the Daily Bear News,and finally creep under the quilt and sleep soundly all night."

Rita a dit…

I love teddy bears and have them all over around my house. That little shop is biotiful! and must smell wonderful.
Bonne fin de semaine.

Emmas utsikt a dit…

I just love when you take us shopping. Wonderful teddybears. Love them.

Have a nice weekend Catherine.


Beatnheart a dit…

of course I love the kitties...stay warm.

Heidi a dit…

Oh! Catherine, what a beautiful shop you have near to you!
I would like to buy everything, candles, soaps, cages, cats but expecially the bears, how sweet they are! I love them ALL!
Thank you very much for showing all these beauties to us!