dimanche 12 décembre 2010

A romantic walk along the river Seine

This is the river Seine, the view from Victor Hugo's house at Villequier. During my chilshood , I lived by the river  and had about the same view . I love this river,it's colours following the seasons, the lap ogf the water...but here it's the place where Victor Hugo's daughter Léopoldine and her husband got drowned by the "mascaret" (a big wave )
This is V.Hugo's house. I forgot to tell you , that today we went out to walk along the river.
We are not allowed to take pictures inside but i can tell you it's very nice and cosy.
Imagine poeple living there in the 19 Century, with their costumes, long dresses and hats .
This was the place they had fresh drinks or tea during the summer while watching the river.
This is a typical house on the river side.
I love the white wooden details .
Another beautiful house.
I mat this two doggies watching and listening to the laps of the water, very COOL doggies, very relaxed!!!
I met two other friends sliding on the water , they are so gracious!

Then we took the ferry to "Jumiège abbey".
But we had to wait, the ferry gave way to this boat 
When he left the river was very rough.
We finally crossed...Then we arrived at the abbey.

It was nearly dark and there was a strange atmosphere there...
I took some postcards for you
This place was unfortunately distroyed during the revolution!
I hope you enjoyed this romantic  pictures, good evening and see you soon!

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loveandlilac a dit…

Lovely photos Catherine. The Abbey at twilight looks both romantic and rather spooky!

Heidi a dit…

Thank you very much Catherine for taking us with you for your beautiful journey!

Carola Bartz a dit…

Oh Catherine, lovely pictures. I visited Jumiege back in 1980 during a three-weeks biking tour through Normandie. It doesn't look as if it has changed much.

BonjourRomance a dit…

Lovely photos Catherine. I need to visit this area, I like the look of the white wooden rails too?
Bon semaine,

Life In a Little House a dit…

Wow just breath taking thanks for bringing us along with the pictures. I would just love to wander around there!! ~Loved looking at everything so beautiful ~Your one lucky girl ;)
~Love Heather

love lives in the kitchen a dit…

dear catherine!
this christmas look of your blog is just lovely! also the stroll along seine! incredibly romantic!
thank you for sharing and wish you a very sweet week!

Rita a dit…

I am so impressed seeing V Hugo's house. Beautiful pictures; You live in a fantasy place; those swans; wow.
Hope you have a nice week.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Catherine what a wonderful place for a walk! Victor Hugo's home is beautiful but some of the other homes along the river are just gorgeous...I love the details of the fretwork on that one home and those dogs were cute. They must be used to people walking along the river so don't bother to bark anymore :). What a beautiful Abbey...I'm surprised that it was never repaired over the years but it's still a beautiful piece of architecture. Beautiful photo's of the details too. THANK YOU for sharing these with us! Enjoy your day. Maura :)

Lacey a dit…