lundi 20 décembre 2010

Maud my daughter has sent me some pictures of Rouen under the snow and i thought i would share them with you. 
I love that one.
This is the xmas market and big wheel in front of the cathedral
I hope you enjoyed the visit! More snow today 6 more cm , it will be now 36cm here and many problems on the roads , trains , planes and electricity cuts!

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Heidi a dit…

Catherine, i am very sorry for the problems caused by the snow, but the town of Rouen is beautiful, it seems magic with the snow!
Here in Italy also we have problem with the snow, not here where I live, but expecially near Florence and Siena.
Kisses, and bravo to your daughter!

It's me a dit…

Beutiful Rouen in the also lots lots of snow cars may drive not more that 50 km on the highways !!! o my........i must do the christmas shopping ....but how ??? and when....??? also work 4 days this week.......!! love love love Ria....

Life In a Little House a dit…

Tell your daughter she takes beautiful pictures...loved looking at them all ~Love Heather

Jackie a dit…

Wonderful Photographs from Maud, especially the swans , who are always so graceful in any weather. We have the same, snow and very cold -8c last night. I have managed to take my step mother out today for shopping and lunch and just got home so am enjoying catching up on blogs and having a lovely cup of tea!!

Keep warm and snug, Love Jackie in Surrey, UK.

Sylvia a dit…

Your daughter has taken gorgeous photos, Catherine !
Thanks for sharing !
Wish you a happy Christmas time,

Rita a dit…

What beautiful Photos; thank you. We have been seeing on tv about the storms you are going through; please stay safe my dear Catherine.