jeudi 2 décembre 2010


Hello my friends! this morning here we woke up with lot of snow ( well here 10 cm is a lot and the cars, planes and trains are paralysed!
this is the view i had when i woke up.
This picture and the first one were taken from my bedroom windows.This is a view of the village church under the falling snow.
Today, as i was taking my time, i found some xmas decorations with "Angels". I love angels and i found some very different ones to make a decoration.
I rather like this tablecloth with angels and "Bon Noël " sawed on it.
I found this composition pretty with the stars and candle.
I made this table decoration once, it was very easy to make.
Now a very funny one which can be done with children, " noodles"

I hope you found inspiration if you are interested in angel decoration.(source "Marianne maison") I wish you a good day.

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Jackie a dit…

Beautiful angels. We have the same amount of snow as you. so I am keeping warm indoors, I might even get round to writing our Christmas cards!!

Keep safe and warm, Jackie in Surrey UK.

It's me a dit…

What a lot of beautiful angels !!! so nice post !! also snow a lot in Holland darling......everything is white.......and freezing!!!....lovely Ria...

Kom Achterom a dit…

Ha Catherine
Nice post!!! love it! I make some gingerbread houses from your blog!
It is a suprise to my daughter.
5 december its a traditional party in the netherlands calt Sinterklaas
Santa claus. i wil post it next week on my blog. Thanks for your inspiriation
happy weekend

Anonyme a dit…

Good Afternoon Catherine!
A blessed thank you for this so lovely post about Angels!
Geneviève and Alex
From Terri Guillemets:

"Angels have no philosophy but Love."

Rita a dit…

I do love angels and your pictures made my heart feel so good.
I saw on tv that Europe is getting their share of snow.
Stays safe!

Cass @ That Old House a dit…

Dear Catherine,

Snow already? I hope that doesn't mean a snowy winter for you!

The angels are delightful. All gorgeous -- but I LOVE the little macaroni ones. So cute. It makes me want to have grandchildren, so I could make these with them.

As always, a beautiful post, a lovely gift.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) a dit…

Oh Catherine, so many lovely angels! Love everything you have done with them. That choir of pasta angels is so cute! Love it.


love lives in the kitchen a dit…

dear catherine,
it's so cozy to visit your blog in the winter time! i love all you pictures and after watching them i'm already in the mood for christmas!
have a very sweet day,

Sylvia a dit…

These angels are beautiful, Catherine !
Lovely post !
Nice evening,

Leslie a dit…

beautiful angels. enjoy the snow!!!!!!

June a dit…

Hi Catherine,
The snow sure makes the world a pretty place. We have about 10" as well. I love how it quiets everything.

Of course I adore angel decor and I loved all these images today.
I really hope you keep safe in the snow and enjoy the beauty of it all.
Big hugs