jeudi 16 décembre 2010

Hello everyone! my today's baking was making appetizers. Some nini pies with prunes and bacon and olive
Little sausage sweets, i call them sweets because i try to give them this shape.
Cherry tomatoes and cheese
Gingerbread, but i must decorate them tomorow. I like decorating but i don't have "the" technique!!! we will see, it may be catastrophic!
Tomorow, I will be baking cheese and wallnuts Madeleines and xmas Madeleines. For the moment I hope you will spend a good evening, here we are waiting for the SNOW! Tomorow it will be a special day ! 27 years ago i got married, it was a sunny and happy day!

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It's me a dit…

Congratulations !! darlling 27 years !!! that is a long long time !!!......great post yammie love love Ria....

Nagy Farkas Dudás Erika a dit…

Nagyon szép blog! Örülök, hogy megtaláltam, és hála a google fordítónak!
Szép estét,

Patty a dit…

Catherine, CONGRATULATIONS on your 27th year! Your dress is wonderful! I love all of your baking too....everything looks so delicious! You have me hunting down Springerle cookie molds!! LOL
What have you done to me?
I am ready to bake!!

Jackie a dit…

Congratulations on your 27th wedding anniversary on Friday, have a lovely romantic day together.

Jackie in Surrey, UK.

Heather a dit…

Happy 27th wedding anniversary. What a lovely bridal dress!

Your baked treats look so tasty! I like the little glass dishes that you put them in. I wish I could taste what you have prepared!

Life In a Little House a dit…

Wow ~First Happy Anniversary Beautiful dress!! And then let me say oh my the food looks all so wonderful I wish I was coming over for dinner :) Thanks for sharing all those great pictures Enjoy your Dinner~ Love Heather

Suzanne a dit…

Congratulations on your 27th wedding anniversary I wish you a wonderful day!Your dress is gorgeous!
Everything you've baked look so beautiful and tasty.

cheese and wallnuts and xmas Madeleines sounds very good too!
Have a great time,

La Vie Quotidienne a dit…

Congratulations on your anniversary...what a wonderful wedding dress; beautiful. The little bakery treats look so good and the photographs are sensational...wish I was there to sample them.(-:

Heidi a dit…

Congratulations Catherine!
27 years, I can say that it is not easy today.
Your wedding dress is beautiful, and so romantic.
I wish you other 100 anniversary with your husband, and have a nice day!
p.s. your cookings seem delicious, I would like to tast them!

Silvia a dit…

Congratulation Catherine, jour dress is delicious will be the cakes.

Ascension a dit…

Enhorabuena por esos 27 años de casada (seguramente con mi memoria, olvidare felicitarte en su dia jejeje)
Que maravillosos platos estas preparando.
A sido una delicia pasar por tu blog (siempre lo es)
Feliz fin de semana
besitos ascension