samedi 18 décembre 2010

Fruit and nut stuffing recipe

Each year, I cook a traditional Christmas meal. The main course is a goose or a turkey. Long ago, i found a"  Crabtree and Evelyn "cookbook and inside was the fruit and nut stuffing recipe.  Since then , my guests wants it every year! this year it will be a turkey  with my special stuffing!  I will give you the recipe:
I will translate the ingredients:

60gr de pruneaux coupés et dénoyautés.
60 gr d'abricots secs coupés
4 cuillères à soupe de madeire, porto ou sherry
60gr de noix hachées grossièrement
60 gr d'amandes hachées
30 gr de beurre
1 gros oignon haché
1 branche de céleri
1 pomme à cuire coupée
1 poire coupée
le tout en petits morceaux
60 gr de kumquats coupés avec la peau
4 cuillères à soupe de persil
1 cuillère à thé ( un peu moins qu'a café)de: zeste d'orange et de sauge déshydratée ou congelée.
1/2 cuillère à thé de thym
1/8 """"""""""""de cannelle
1/4""""""""""""de noix de muscade
une pincée de coriandre 
1 cuillère à thé de sel
1/4 de poivre
90 gr de pain complet coupé en cubes.

And this is delicious!

It is served with "Canberry- Port sauce" and potato and parsnip purée.( if you want , you may click to enlarge the recipe)
We are having heavy snow at the moment, added to the snow we had yesterday and last night it will be round 25cm! I will keep warm by the fire!!! Good week end!

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Anto a dit…

Ciao Catherine traduco la ricetta e provo deve essere molto molto buona!!! Grazie Anto

Sylvia a dit…

Thanks for the recipe, Catherine !
A lot of snow here too, better stay inside like your lovely cat !

Catherine a dit…

That looks very yummy Catherine! We are having a white Christmas too ~ it does make for beautiful photos doesn't it! :)
xo Catherine

La Vie Quotidienne a dit…

Sounds like a wonderful recipe thank you.(-:

Heather a dit…

The recipe sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing.