jeudi 11 novembre 2010

Today's cupcakes.

Today's cupcakes! We did a three generation cupcake decorating afternoon. My mother, my daughter Maud and I. I made thecupcakes yesterday and we decorated them today. 
These are vanilla, salted butter toffees.

Milk chocolate and peanut butter.
The recipes will be on my other blog: "Les muffins de Catherine" , this week. I hope you had a nice day, here it was a bank holiday and the weather was awful!

14 commentaires:

Kom Achterom a dit…

ooh Yammmieee!!!!!
what a beautys!!
wunderfull evening

Pétales de fées a dit…

Des couleurs douces pour des gourmandises bien tendres !

Jackie a dit…

Evening Catherine

The cakes look delicious, are they non-fattening??

Have a good evening, Jackie in Surrey, UK.

Wohnwohltaten a dit…

Hi Catherine,
Yes, these are my cupcakes! They are fantastic. :-)
Have a nice evening,

Celestial Charms a dit…

I would love to taste the coffee cupcake. I'm on my way over to your other blog to check out the recipes. They all look so lovely.

Ascension a dit…

Gracias por las fotografias, no podia dejar de mirar la pantalla, se ven deliciosas
besitos ascension

Eva a dit…

You are atryly artisan!! The cakes look absolutely yummy and gorgeous!
And it is wonderful 3 woman spend the time together :)

louli a dit…

Ils sont magnifiques...c'est presqu'un pêché de les manger !!! A bientôt

KATHY a dit…

Hi Catherine, Your cupcakes look so good. I love the way you decorated them.


cuore antico a dit…

Your cakes are so beautiful and they're seems so good.
A smile.

La Vie Quotidienne a dit…

These are far too pretty to eat!

Bleudelavande a dit…

J'amerai bien de apprrendre a faire des si bonnes muffins!!
Merci de ton passage chez moi.
Amitìe.Bonne weekend

Micky a dit…


They seems fantastic and delicious!!! Have a good weekend,

All the best,


Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Oh Catherine your cupcakes are BEAUTIFUL! Did you take a cake decorating course? These look delicious and yet I'd feel bad about eating something so pretty! I love your cupcake paper liners too...very different. Funny you should show these right now as my daughter sent me an email saying that she was thinking of making cupcakes and seeing if she can sell them to the local coffee shops in her area...I should show her your blog so she can see what you did with yours. I'll hop over to your other blog and check your recipes too. Enjoy your day! Maura :)