jeudi 25 novembre 2010

Saint CATHERINE's day

Today,Guess what it is ? it IS  saint Catherine!

Here, in France we use to  plant trees on this day, because there is a saying: on St Catherine's day " à la saint Catherine, tout bois  prend racine"! on st Catherine's day if you plant a tree , it will take root.
But there is another custom, dating back to the Middle-Ages:  A girl who was not married at 15 should wear a green and yellow hat during this day and should get married at Saint Nicolas(beginning of Decmber)
Nowadays, the young ladies who are not married at 25 were this hat and have a party on this day!
Before, the hat represented  what they were doing as a work, with tools they used...Now they must be extravagant  hats, but still in yellow and green!The yellow symbolises the faith and the passing time and the green youth and the hope of finding a husband!

Catherine wishes you a very good day!

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Pétales de fées a dit…

Excellente Sainte Catherine, Catherine !
Les chapeaux vert et jaune sont très gais et charmants !
En France c'est le jour qui marque la meilleure période pour toutes les plantations !

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Dear Catherine!

Alex and I,we would like to wish you the most beautiful day.
Have some blessed times with your dear ones!

Genevieve and Alex

Rita a dit…

You brought back so many good memmories; my husband and I were raised in French Canadian families and it was the custom on Ste Catherine for make plull taffy.

On faisait de la tire avec les enfants tous les ans le jour de Ste Catherine. Mes enfants aimaient ça; ils avaient chacun un morceau a tirer; ils en parle encore. Merci; Bonne Ste Catherine.

@nne a dit…

et comme on dit en Grèce ... chronia polla Katerina! je te souhaite une journée en toute douceur et bonheur! @nne

La Vie Quotidienne a dit…

How interesting. Have a great day!

Wohnwohltaten a dit…

Hi Catherine,
thank you for this information. It's a very nice story.

Madelief a dit…

Dear Catherine,

I never heard of St Catherine's day before, but it sounds like a fun day to me!

Have a happy evening!

lieve groet, Madelief

Catherine a dit…

Ste Catherine's Day! Well now, that sounds like a fun day Catherine! ;)
xo Catherine

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Well isn't that interesting. I've never heard of this custom...can you imagine nowadays sending your 15 year old daughter out into the world to find a husband and be married in a month!!! OMGOSH! I'm glad they've changed to age to 25 :) Enjoy your day. Maura :)