mercredi 17 novembre 2010


Result of the giveaway!DEBORA  from "CUORE ANTICO"
The first giveaway:

The book for:
Emma from" EMMA UTSIKT" blog.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS! Thank you for your participation.Please E-mail me your adress in order to send you what you won. Good evening or good day to all of you and Thank you!

11 commentaires:

Celestial Charms a dit…

Congratulations to the two lucky winners. That was so sweet of your Catherine, to have this giveaway. Have a wonderful evening.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy a dit…

What a sweet the miniature Christmas!

Nezzy a dit…

Oh I just adore itty~bitty things! They are sooo cute and the Christmas beauties are just darling.

CONGRATULATIONS to your winners I'm sure they will treasure their win.

Ya'll have a marvelously blessed day sweetie!!!

cuore antico a dit…

Oh Catherine...wonderful...I can't believe it.
It seems to me impossible,I love those hearts, Those soaps... practically everything.
This evening I went as usual to see the news of your blog and when I read my name I could not believe.
Thanks a lot.
A smile.

*Ulrike* a dit…

They are going to be some happy bloggers...congratulations!

Country Dreaming a dit…

Hope all is well, see you soon.


Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Hello Catherine!
CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of your contest! I love the miniatures...such details. I hope you have a wonderful Thursday...Maura :)

La Vie Quotidienne a dit…

Congratulations to the winners! They are going to have so much fun.

Ingrid a dit…

Congratulations to the two lucky winners.Thanks Catherine :-))
groetjes Ingrid

Shirleyanne a dit…

Congratulations to the winners of Catherine's giveaway! Very generous of Catherine! Brilliant!

Emmas utsikt a dit…

Dear dear Catherine!

I am so happy to hear I´ve won the book. Sorry for the late reply, I haven´t been on the net for a while due to a busy schedule and earinfection.

I´ve e-mailed you the info.

Lots of love,