mercredi 6 octobre 2010

Places I love.

Today i was doing some clearing up in my postcards collection and i came across these beautiful pictures of Greece. I locve to go there for my holidays, it's a  country where  times seems to be stopped for a moment...It is a real break in my today's life !
What about this place? wouldn't you like to have a rest on this little beach in the middle of nowhere!
I remember the evenings spent inChania.
I LOVE this view, so beautiful  and peaceful!
I hope you enjoyed  today's pictures, the simplicity and the Beauty of the place and portraits. Wishing you a good day, Catherine.

9 commentaires:

Rita a dit…

You are vey fortunate to live in such a beautiful country and to be so close to other beauty!
Enjoy it all.
Wish I was there,

Rural Revival a dit…

Beautiful photos Catherine; I will show them to my son, he wants to go to Greece more than any other place! (So much for sending him to French school!)


Celestial Charms a dit…

Beautiful, Catherine. Greece is one of my favorite countries. I would move there in a heartbeat if possible. The food, the scenery, the language...I love it all!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Hello Catherine!
Greece is one place I would love to visit. My sister has been there many times and my middle son lived and worked there for around 5 months months a few years back. Beautiful photo's...especially the one of the beautiful beach and water. I hope you had a wonderful day...enjoy your Thursday.
Maura :)

Life In a Little House a dit…

Stunning pictures...just beautiful i would love to go there on a holiday..maybe one day soon ;-D ~Heather

Leslie a dit…

I have heard that greece is an amazing place. Your photos are awesome.

Emmas utsikt a dit…

Anmazing, in a few minutes you´ve taken me to Greece, London and Scotland. So very nice. I feel I have to have a vacation soon. Need to go away, it´s been such a long time..


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Micky a dit…

Wonderful places...Catherine,

You are lucky to have been there

Best Wishes,


PS:Always, thanks for your comments.