mardi 19 octobre 2010

An oak in my house!

Yes! there is an oak in my house! Have a look at the cieling, the central beam is a whole tree.
I agree it makes the room a little darker, but before it was red between the beams (typical normand houses) but i painted white, which is from my point of view much lighter.
This morning it's raining a lot , this is why it's so dark.
Here is the light! on the right of the fireplace.
A view of the fire place decorated for fall.This is the place i prefer, sit here with my dogs and read by the fireplace with a good cup of coffee!
This small cabinet was made by my father it keeps my little treasures! It is just the right size to go between the two doors.
Since i have painted it,  we can see the carving much better. This wardrobe, i have it since i was born, before it kept my clothes and now this is my tableware.
More oak in the stairs. You must be used to these stairs , many falls occured here! 
Before, i put wax on them to keep the beautiful color of wood, but i don't do it anymore.
I liked the smell of wax, I like the creaking of wood especially in autumn and winter.My father was working wood and i remember the smell of wood in my father's workshop, the smell of flax oil, wallnut oil . I loved the smell of pine tree . Well, i think i will stay inside today and do some cleaning! Have a nice day. Catherine.

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Nearly 50 and trying to be Frugal .... a dit…

It's interesting to hear you talk about the ceiling between your beams being red. Ours is too. I did not know it was a Normandy thing. We live in Indre et Loire. I woudl love to repaint the ceiling white or cream but it will be a huge daunting task. Our lounge is 10m² and is very high. How did you do yours? andy hints or tips gratefully received

Laura a dit…

All that beautiful oak in your house... so lucky... I never tire of looking at beautiful old french houses. Lx

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Oh Catherine what a beautiful room!! I had no idea you had these wonderful beams in your ceiling...I LOVE it. This room is so warm and inviting and cozy...I would love to sit in that chair by the fire too and enjoy a coffee and a good book on a winter day. Any day! Your father was a wonderful carpenter...what a beautiful cabinet...are there 2 of them? One with glass and one without? I think it is VERY special that you have these things from your father...what a wonderful way to keep his memory close to you. Well enjoy your day even if it is cleaning your have a beautiful home to be proud of! Take care my friend.
Maura :)

Rita a dit…

It is so perfect adding all the white decor to your oak home. What I really love is the feeling of comfort, beauty and cozy.
Gilbert Becaud had a song that said it all: C'est beau chez toi.
Très Beau!

Life In a Little House a dit…

Your home is beautiful! so lovely how you decorated! ~thanks for sharing those pictures. I love wood beams like that on the ceiling. It gives it so much Character. I think you made a great choice with painting it white as well I could see how the red would be dark ~Love Heather

Celestial Charms a dit…

Oh Catherine,
What a treasure to have that beautiful cabinet made by your father. The love that he put into it is evident. You have such a gorgeous home, the photos look like they came straight from a decorating magazine. Lovely.

La Vie Quotidienne a dit…

It might be gloomy outside but it is certainly warm and cozy inside! What a lovely room. My father worked with wood too, and the smell of fresh cut lumber always reminds me of him, and my childhood. I am fortunate enough to have some of the things he made also. Aren't we lucky!(-:

It's me a dit…

What a lovely nice decorated !!! have a nice evening, Ria....

Sylvia a dit…

What a lovely and cosy room, Catherine !
Enjoy your cleaning, today we have a lot of rain, better stay inside too.
Nice week,

Wohnwohltaten a dit…

Dear Catherine,
what a wonderful home!
And the white cabinet looks like a dream!
Today we have sunshine and so can I do something in my garden.
Whish you a cosy afternoon and send greetings,

Eva a dit…

oh! Dear Catherine, your house is so beautiful and cosy!
It would be great to visit and to share a cup of coffe in front of fireplace :)
The cabinet that made your father is a tresure and beautifully made.
Have a good evening!