lundi 4 octobre 2010

Liberty's London

Hello everybody! today, i will tell you about my stays in England when i was 11. I was 11, when i first went to London on my own.Took the train to the ferry which was in Dieppe, then a four hours crossing to Newhaven and the train to London and at last the underground to Buckinghamshire.There i would stay with an english family, the father of this family was a soldier who stayed at my grandparents when he was 18 during the second world war and the two mothers kept in touch all these years.I fact i had a second family there! i really enjoyed to stay with them.This introduction to my today's subject, my shopping in London! I loved this town and loved the shops, it was in the 60's and i used to go to Carnaby street, Oxford street...It was the time of "Twiggy" and "Mary Quant" and all extravagances were allowed! But some of my favorite places were " Liberty", "The Scotch house" and "Harrods". This was the time of Liberty blouses , Faire isle sweters and kilts .I used to keep my whole year pocket money to shop in London. I remember to have bought two fair isles sweaters, one tartan kilt ( a Mary Stewart tartan) and a blouse from Liberty's. Yesterday, i bought a magazine and saw some pages about Liberty's this is how i had the idea to do this post today!
I had one light green and one light brown "Fair Isle" sweaters. Iloved them, i loved their colors which matched beautifuly with tweed!
(sources  Coté Ouest) This was the pattern of my kilt "Royal Stewart"!
Hope you have a nice week!
This was the top model "Twiggy" during the 60 's in the "Swinging London"!
Carnaby strret in the 60's 

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cuore antico a dit…

hello catherine, it must be wonderful ... beautiful Normandy where you live ... looking at the pictures of your post I was enraptured ... a dream.
I live in Padua, near Venice, in Italy ... but I hope to one day visit to Normandy.
Congratulations on your blog is amazing.
I put myself among your readers. (Pardon the bad English)

It's me a dit…

O wowwwwww....Londen is the place to be.....lovely post !!! happy week Ria.....

Rita a dit…

Just looking at all these tissues are a reminder of my mom. She just loved sewing and examining material; thank you for sharing these pictures and memories.

Jackie a dit…

Just 11 coming to London on your own, you must of been very sensible and grown up, although I know I used to meet my grandmother in the Strand, where she worked and she would take me for tea at the Lyons Corner House opposite Charing Cross Station. But then I only lived in Kew Gardens village so it was just a short hop on the train!!

Harrods the shop where you could buy anything and I think in the late 60's even a lion!!

Liberty prints were and still are very popular and also all the lovely gifts they sold.

When was the last time you were in London?

Jackie, Surrey UK

Madelief a dit…

Dear Catherine,

I enjoy shopping in London as well. Together with Fortnum & Masons Liberty's is one of my favourite shops. Lucky you to have been there in the seventies. I would have loved to taste the atmosphere, see the fashion, enjoy The Beatles etc. Unfortunately I was a bit too young at that time to appreciate it to the full!

Happy new week!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Hello Catherine!
You brought back memories of my trip to visit my sister in England. We took the underground into the city and went to the theater and to Harrods. We had lunch there and looked all around...what a beautiful store! I only bought a few things there as they were so expensive. You were a brave 11 year old to go all the way to London by yourself! What an experience though and it must have been wonderful to have a second family there to visit. That was really nice that your Grandmother kept in touch with the young soldiers mother all those years. Thank you for sharing this....I hope you have a wonderful evening! Maura :)

Sylvia a dit…

Lovely post, Catherine !
I also enjoyed your photos of Scotland, so beautiful !
Nice week,

Celestial Charms a dit…

How brave you were, Catherine! London is my favorite city. I always head directly to Liberty's. Love that store, but I did have an unfortunate experience there once. I was shopping there alone, and a few very young hooligans lifted my purse out of my pocketbook. They were roaming the store together, and one "accidently" bumped into me. The next thing I new, they walked in 3 different directions, and my purse was no longer in my bag. They are so organized, these little theives! All of my credit cards, cash, and ID's were in that wallet. :( Anyway, I have returned there often, because I love the shop.