vendredi 10 septembre 2010

"Maison chic " deco magazine

Today, was a nice autumn day and i have been painting outside and baking "pear and chocolate muffins" (the recipe will be on my blog tomorow). I recieved "Maison chic", one of my favorite deco mag! lets have a look at it.
GOOD EVENING ! Catherine

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desde my ventana a dit…

Hello Catherine,
Thanks you for sharing this beautiful images,
Have a lovely weekend,

KATHY a dit…

Thanks Catherine, I love the kitchen. It's so charming...Kathy

My Grama's Soul a dit…

What a exquisite magazine....thanks for sharing it today.



Anita a dit…

Beautiful, beautiful photos! I too love the kitchen!!

✿ Hélène Flont ✿ a dit…

Bonsoir Catherine. La revue est magnifique, je ne la connaissais pas et tâcherais de me la procurer demain. Le beau canapé dodu à ma préférence!!!

astrid a dit…

Thank you for the pictures. I love the decoration at the shelves.
Nice Weekend.

Laura a dit…

That kitchen is to die for... my dream kitchen... I love a kitchen that is just full of eye candy... I'm could spend hours just looking at all the 'bits and bobs' on the shelves. Thank you so much for coming over to my blog today and following me. It is a honor. Merci. Lx

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Hello Catherine!
What a wonderful magazine!I love the page with the Eiffel Towers on the of them looks like the one I brought back from the tower in 99. I also love that kitchen with all it's vintage charm...that would look great at my house! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Maura :)