samedi 4 septembre 2010


I found some old magazines at my mother's , dating back to the year 1800. I wanted to share these pictures with you, they may interest you.( you may click on the picture to enlarge)
This is a women magazine with fashion and crafts. Let see the fashion !
Ladies and children wear.
It was surely not confortable for the girls to play in these garments.
The elegants.
Knitting some shawls for the winter.
Some more hats.
Next time, i will show you the crafts!  wishing you a lovely sunny week end!
Mosaic of the day.

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Sherri B. a dit…

We think it takes a long time to get ourselves and the children ready for an outing now, can you just imagine the project it would be back then.

Alicia a dit…

Gracias Catherine, estos grabados son fantasticos y la musica de tu blog maravillosaaaaaa !!!!!

Mit Liebe zum Detail a dit…

Hallo Catherine,well we have the Year 2010 and not 1800.Love greetings Edith.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Hello Catherine!
Oh my...can you imagine dressing like this every day! I know they wore more simple things around the home but can you imagine working in the garden wearing these long dresses. I'm such a 'tom boy' that I would have ripped my skirts working in the garden and wore bare feet...I would have been considered scandelous I'm sure! Worse yet can you imagine being a child in those days! I love the olden days and the more simpler way of life ...BUT...give me my shorts and T shirt and bare feet (other than when collecting eggs) and I'm happy ;) I hope you are having a wonderful weekend mon amie...Maura :)

Leslie a dit…

I can't imagine!! I am so informal most of the time, wearing shorts and flip flops as I go the the market.

Happy Weekend

Kom Achterom a dit…

OOh what a beautiful pictures!
love the old magazine!!!
so nice
Your mozaiek is beautiful
nice and sunny sunday

Sylvia a dit…

Interesting magazine, Catherine !
Lovely mosaic !
Have a nice week,

✿ Hélène Flont ✿ a dit…

Se sont des modes merveilleusement dessinées. J'admire de pages en pages dans ces ouvrages les détails somptueux des broderies et autres guipures.

Celestial Charms a dit…

Catherine, thank you ever so much for sharing parts of your mother's vintage magazine. So very interesting. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Rita a dit…

Quel trésors que tu as là!
Merci de partager avec nous.