jeudi 30 septembre 2010

Art and crafts in Normandy.

Normandy is not only a country of pastures , but has been the source of inspiration for painters and writters. Corot,Courbet, Monet,Pissaro, Sisley.... writters such as Gustave Flaubert with "Madame Bovary", Guy de Maupassant is my favorite! ( above is a piece of lace from Bayeux)
Let me tell you about the wedding wardrobe. The father of a daughter cut an oaktree at the birth of the girl between xmas and new years eve. The oaktree was left to dry 10 years, at the girls communion it was cut into pieces and let to dry again until the wedding, then the father chose the decoration . The more the wardrobe was decorated, the richer was the family. It  was usually oak leaves, flowers, grappes, sea shells...
This was the name of the bride .
These are headdresses from different part of the region.

(you may click on the pictures to enlarge) I wish you a nice day! Have a look at the previous post about Normandy if you like.

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love lives in the kitchen a dit…

dear catherien,
everything is so beautiful! i love especially the lace :)
did you manage to bake my pumpkin tortino? was it all right?
have a sweet day,

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Hello Catherine!
Those wardrobes are works of art and I love the story of their creation. It sounds as though it was a labour of love by the father to have this all made by his daughters wedding day. What a wonderful act of love and a beautiful piece of furniture for the daughter to treasure forever. The lace is beautiful and I love the pictures of the way the citizens would dress in your region. Thank you for sharing this Catherine. I hope you're having a wonderful day.
Maura :)

xinex a dit…

Wow! Those wardrobes are absolutely beautiful!...Christine

Flaviana a dit…

Hi Catherine
I stopped by to have a look, not knowing what I would have found and I'm enchanted! I love to learn new things every day and your blog looks just like the perfect place !
It's very pretty and interesting, bravo!
warm wishes
xxx Flaviana

Rita a dit…

Comme c'est beau en Normandie! Love the bride's armoire and all the wonderful pictures you shared with us in you last post.
Merci Merci Catherine.
Those recipes tour mom made sound so good; would love to try some,