dimanche 15 août 2010

home sweet home

I am back !  and i went round the house to take pictures to show you things i like. This bowl i found during my holidays on a flee market , i really love it!

It's so delicate , i like its light colors and the roses look perfect.

It come from England.

The sweetpeas from my garden and this little enemal jug , I just bought from Ikea.

This candlestick from a charity sail.
This panel i made myself  to put my favorite photos.
Little things i collect here and there...
This heart basket from Quebec.
The small " coucou" Romain brought me from Germany.
Lace from Belgium.
This crooss stitch my mother sewed for me;

This special English tea pot.
Mr FIGARO did not want to open his beautiful eyes ! one blue and one green !
Mr BASILE likes to be on my blog!
Miss BRINDILLE looks  SOOO...sweet , but can be a real pest!!! Here is "Le monde de Catherine"  hope you enjoy your week end ! Thank you for your visits and i will come and visit yours this coming week. Hugs Catherine.

11 commentaires:

Sylvia a dit…

Oh Catherine, lovely things and souvenirs in your house !
That bowl has gorgeous roses and sweet peas can smell so delicious (I have posted about mine, they have lovely colors).
Love your cat and dogs, they are so cute !
Nice Sunday,

Celestial Charms a dit…

Glad you have returned safely. The alphabet cross stich you Mom made you is adorable, and I love the photo panel that you created. I bet your lovely animals are so happy to have you home. They are so sweet.

GardenofDaisies a dit…

Oh so many many lovely things! Figaro, Miss Brindille and Mr Basile are soooo cute!! The cross stitch that your mother made for you is beautiful!! So intricate. The cuckoo clock is wonderful! My husband has wanted one for a long time and I think it will be a surprise for him under the tree this Christmas. The pale green china bowl with roses is gorgeous! And I love the enamel jug! I can picture it filled with wildflowers, sitting in the middle of the kitchen table. Thanks for sharing some of your favorite things.

Kom Achterom a dit…

OOh your panel is nice!!
and the teapot i love it!!
Wat a nice thing. Your bear is the same i have from my birth. nice to see it.
i wish you a nice and sunny week

It's me a dit…

Finally you are back !!! welcome home darling....i miss you comments on my blog.........enjoy a happy sunday......love Ria.....

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Bonsoir catherine, warm welcome home! Home sweet home it is.. Going abroad is good but coming home is better, at least that is my opinion.
Une bonne semaine! xx

nanny a dit…

The bowl is so beautiful....looks so delicate....I love it!

BonjourRomance a dit…

Bonjour Catherine,
SO many pretty things. I love that English bowel, the flowers are so gorgeous. I really like your new blog design, very elegant!
Hope you are having a fabulous summer! It feels like wintertime today in Paris!

Beatnheart a dit…

Hello Catherine,
First off thank you for your visit! Your photo of your little dog upside down in adorable..He sure knows how to pose! Hope you are having a beautiful summer....

Micky a dit…

Dear Catherine,

Nice to hear you, we are now at my parent's home in the coast of Cadiz. Hope you enjoy your holidays and all your familiy are fine. I will send you photos of Rosalia at beach...

All the best


Madelief a dit…

Hi Catherine,

I am glad your back! Thank you for taking us around your house. You are right, we have the same enamel pitcher. Mine is from IKEA as well. I think it's lovely. Your sweet peas look beautiful too! They smell lovely don't they?!!

Wishing you a happy evening!

Lieve groet, Madelief