lundi 23 août 2010

How to perfume your house.

The summer gardens are full of flowers, roses, lavender...lets use them to perfume our homes during the winter time.
Lavender cushions in our wardrobes , will give a nice perfume to the linens.
I love to make these, but sorry , i don't know the word for it. here they call them "little bunches".
I love those, to hang in wardrobes.
Lavender hearts are really pretty!
Roses, what can we do with them?
Perfumed soaps.
Perfumed bags.
Or make some "Pot Pourri"

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Celestial Charms a dit…

Thank you so much Catherine for sharing these lovely pages with us. I can practically smell the lovely scent created by these beautiful sachets.
Have a great week!

KATHY a dit…

Beautiful photos catherine.I can smell the lovely scent...Kathy

Madelief a dit…

Dear Catherine,

Such good ideas. I wish I had time to do it all!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Flat Creek Farm a dit…

What a beautiful post, Catherine, with so many great ideas. I can almost smell the wonderful fragrance now!! Enjoy your day :) -Tammy

Kom Achterom a dit…

oooh what a nice post!! i love the lavender!! so nice
i wish you a beautiful evening

It's me a dit…

It smells lovely here today.........what a lovely post.......happy new week Ria....

Leslie a dit…

great ideas Catherine. With three dirty dogs, somedays I need help keeping the house smelling fresh.

Happy Tuesday

astrid a dit…

Very good ideas, I love the pot pourri.
Happy Week

Cass @ That Old House a dit…

Hello Catherine!

Your blog post today is so lovely. I grow a little lavender, but not enough to do much with. I hope to grow more next summer.

We call them "lavender wands" -- the long woven ones you call "little bunches" I don't know how to make them, but they are so pretty and useful.

There's a woman two towns away from me who makes the most wonderful lavender soap -- it never loses its scent and smells heavenly. It perfumes any room it is in!

Thanks for the beautiful images today.
Best wishes, Cass

Eva a dit…

Thanks for sharing this beautiful pictures and advices my dear.
I can smell the fragrance from here :)
Enjoy the day!

Diane a dit…

Catherine, this was an absolutely beautiful post!
Hugs, Diane