mercredi 11 août 2010

The fortified town


Today it is raining ! very good for the farmers , because the crops especially the corn  needs some water. It has not been raining for long , usually it's always raining in our green Normandy ! but at the moment it's our dry Normandy!!!  This town of " Saint Valery sur Somme " is the place where " William the Conqueror" has left France to invade Great Britain. Thes towers are part of the fortified town , there are walls all around it and it's located up the hill to have a view on the canal in order to protect the town from invadors.
The lower town that you can visit by horse carriage.These horses are very strong , this is a breed from the region "Boulonnais horses".
On the other side of the bay  is the town of "Le Crotoy" where i took the boat for a sea cruise.
This red house with towers was the house of the perfume maker "Guerlain"
I end the visit by a typical café of the north where you can drink beer and eat chips and mussels ! have a nice day!
If you want you can visit  PICARDIE NATURE

I have seen the seal colony who lives there all the time about 150 seals. They take care of them and nurse the injured ones; volonteers give a hand and some money. One can sponsorise an injured seal and afterwards  release him to the wild life. Are'nt they sweet ? See you soon, hugs Catherine.

4 commentaires:

Natasha a dit…

So many wonderful things to see! You are very lucky to have such amazing historical sites in your own "back yard"! The seals are so cute too!

Best wishes always,

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Hello Catherine! What a BEAUTIFUL area and village. I just love all the old stonework and the narrow streets and charming store fronts. The history is amazing. What a wonderful way to end your day with a sea cruise and a Pub...wish I was there with you. Enjoy the rest of your holiday...I will 'see' you in about 2 weeks! Take care mon Amie.....Maura :)

Celestial Charms a dit…

I just adore seals. There is something so mysterious, calming, and fascinating about them.

Jeri Landers a dit…

What an amazing tour you are taking. I am especially interested in this post. Being a descendent of William the Conqueror, I have read much about him and this tower town is incredible. I would love to see the Bayeux Tapestry in person,are you near the town of Bayeux as well?
Also, the Guerlaine perfume factory.. it reminded me that I used to love a perfume they made by the name of Chamade, I wonder if it is still available, I think I will try to find some!
These photos are just lovely, thanks for taking us along on this trip. Of course, it goes without saying that the seals are charmers!