vendredi 2 juillet 2010

ROSES of my garden

Hello everybody ! As you know, it is difficult to stay away very long from blogland ! Well , the problem in fact  concerns my eyes, but today it's improving ,so  I decided to do a post on the Roses of my garden. I love roses, their colors , their shapes and perfumes! At the moment in the garden i have carnations, lavenders, roses,jasmin and soon sweetpeas. In the evening when i water the garden  this is a mixture of perfumes ! 

This one is a new one , the 3rd and 4th one  too. I love these delicate flowers! I wish you a good weekend and a happy 4 th july ! Romain will be participating in Washington he is very happy to be there and enjoying his stay! 
The perfume of small carnations and the strongest , is the perfume of liden and the buzzing of hundreds of bees!

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love lives in the kitchen a dit…

dear catherine!
your roses are simly amazing! i would spend hours to look at these lovely pictures and imagine their profume... i wish i had a garden too... thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures and wish you a great weekend!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Hello Catherine! I'm so happy to learn that your eyes are feeling better and you're able to visit blogland again. Your roses are absolutely gorgeous...what a wonderful selection you have and they all look so healthy! I can just imagine how wonderful it smells as you water everything. Romain will have a good time in Washington for the 4th...I'm sure the young people there will show him all the sights and sounds and tastes of the celebrations. Have a wonderful day my friend's good to see you here! Take care....Maura :) XO

september cottage a dit…

Dear Catherine!!!!

Thank you so much for your sweet comment - I DO hope you are feeling much better, not nice to be unwell, such a bore....!!!!

And NO need AT ALL to apologize - I do think it is lovely to get comments and feed back but it is impossible to keep up with it at all times - after all this is supposed to be an enjoyable pass time for everyone - so one should not get stressed out (although I do have to admit, I DO feel guilty when I don't write 'enough') - anyway - I am happy when I hear from people and when not, I am not cross - and I do hope that most people see it the same way.....

Your roses are STUNNIG! Not sure about you, but here - it seems to be an exceptionally good year for roses - I have NEVER seen so many flowers!!!!!!

Hot here too - but one MUST not complain!! :)

Enjoy your garden and this beautiful summer weather!!!

Have a lovely weekend and all the best to get well VERY soon!!!


Sylvia a dit…

Glad that you're feeling better, Catherine !
Your roses are gorgeous, I wish I could smell them !
Nice Romain is enjoying his stay.
Have a lovely weekend,

It's me a dit…

What a beautiful roses!! nice all of them !!..i am glad that you are feeling a little bit better today......hope you recover soon.........happy sunny weekend mu's very hot in Holland...well 37 degrees now....enjoy !! hugs and love...Ria....

Ms. Chyme a dit…

I love roses.

*Ulrike* a dit…

Gorgeous roses! I especially like the pale yellow/apricot, and the vibrant yellow with red outline. Are they ones that bloom once or do they bloom all summer? I am always looking for new ones especially now that we have my garden house moved. I can start planning on where I want everything. Do you have the names of those roses? Carnations are a favorite too as they were my Opa's favorite flower. I hope your eyes keep getting better, and that you have a lovely weekend too!

loveandlilac a dit…

Wow, what a wonderful selection of roses!

"Création" a dit…

Hello Catherine,

It was lovely to have a visit from you today, and thank you for the comment.
Your Roses from your garden are so lovely and sweet...very nice pictures collage to, my compliments.

Have a nice evening,
Lovely greetings, Josephine

Country Dreaming a dit…

Your roses are simply stunning!
Hope your eyes are doing better!

Enjoy your weekend.


Beatnheart a dit…


Rural Revival a dit…

Bonjour Catherine!

I'm very happy to hear that things are improving, and I hope they continue to do so.

Your flowers are simply stunning. I do hope you will show us more!
: )

Be well ~Andrea~