mardi 8 juin 2010


Le Château de VERSAILLES near Paris.
The gardens "à la Française".
Le petit Trianon
Marie -Antoinette
I will make a post about Versailles pretty soon! see you soon , Catherine
(thetwo pictures above are the farm and the mill near "the little Trianon" " le petit Trianon"

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Pilar a dit…

Versalles es un lugar mágico!! Me encanta su grandiosidad ,su monumentalidad y la belleza espectacular de sus jardines.
Tus imágenes de hoy son maravillosas Catherine,me encantan!!!....sin lugar a duda ,Versalles es magnífico.
Muchos besos y feliz noche.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Hello Catherine! Oh I love Versailles...the fountains and grounds are beautiful. My sister and I walked all around the grounds but we never did make it over to le petit Trianon. We toured the inside of the palace but I preferred the grounds. I'm looking forward to seeing your post! I hope you have a wonderful day.....Maura :)

@nne a dit…

Merci Catherine pour tes photos de Versailles. A bientôt, @nne

It's me a dit…

Wowwwwww......Versailles !! we have been there 3 years is so beautiful there...............and th garden !!! oh la la j'aime La Freance !!!!

Hugs from me Ria