mercredi 23 juin 2010

nearly one year tablescape

Nearly one year tablescape! each table is representing an event in our lives and i want to share with you the mosaics i have done tonight.
Do you remember Romain's 22's Birthday (top left)
Mother's day (top right)
Halloween and Easter?
Romantic table Valentines' day.
Maud's 25th Birthday.
And this week end ,Impressionist table ( as here, it is Impressionist year). on  August the 1rst , my blog will be one year !I may have a giveaway at this occasion!

3 commentaires:

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Hello Catherine! What BEAUTIFUL tablescapes you have made in the past year...just gorgeous. Good luck for tomorrow that you have a safe trip to Paris and back and that Romain's flight will go as scheduled. I'm sure the drive home will be a little sad for you. I will be thinking of you mon amie. Take care....Maura :)

It's me a dit…

Yes some i remember...........hope your son has luch tommorow !!! hugs from me....and one year!! !!!!

francesca a dit…

I'm waiting for your blog candy the 1rst august.
i hope to stay in normandy at that time
my favorite table is the bllue and withe the first on the right.