lundi 28 juin 2010

Milles Iles ,Canada

milles Iles is on the East end of lake Ontario which goes into the Saint Laurent. I had the chance to go on a cruise  and to see the 1864 islands! it was called : " the garden of the great spirit". These are dream islands.

Kingston is close to "Milles iles" , i took these pictures early in the morning . You can see Lake Ontario and the Saint Laurent in picture two. ( you may click to enlarge the pictures)

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~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Hmm, Kingston, I've been there too, Catherine!! You made some lovely images. Missed a couple of posts, but are you there at the moment, if so, do enJOY!!
Will read your past posts right now ^_^
Hugs for a happy day. xx

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Hello Catherine, this is a beautiful area of Canada. I had an Aunt who lived in Montreal and I have a cousin somewhere in Ontario but have never gotten that far east. What a wonderful cruise this would be...I've seen some beautiful slideshows of the beautiful homes on some of these islands. Your photo's are beautiful...thank you for sharing them!Take care mon amie...Maura :)

Country Dreaming a dit…

Oh how fun for you!!!
We have not been to Canada--we have talked about it but......


It's me a dit…

I never be in Canada.......but great pictures !! you are a woman of the world !!!! happy summerevening...Hugs from me....Ria..

Rural Revival a dit…

The 1000 Islands are definitely worth visiting in Ontario. I remember my first time on a cruise through the islands when I was a little girl. Lovely post and I'm glad you were able to visit here!