mercredi 2 juin 2010

Giverny, Monet's kitchen , dining- room and tableware.

Yesterday , I made a blue mosaic and today I am going to show you  another side of Giverny , Monet's blue and yellow kitchen. This tableware is to me very simple , but elegant.
This is the dining room. I love the blue and white china. The chairs are my favorite.
Claude MONET, " The Breakfast " (1868) Francfort, Stadt Institut.
If it was nime , I would polish the coppers!!! but still a beauty!
This a marvellous atmosphere to have breakfast, don't you agree?
" Le déjeuner sur l'herbe à Chantilly" (1865 - 1866) Paris,  musée d'Orsay.
What about a picnic? A Monet's picnic, with china, silver and crystal !
(sources: Coté - Ouest and " Les carnets de cuisine de Monet ")
wishing you a good evening!

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@nne a dit…

Un billet beau comme tout! A bientôt, @nne

Pilar a dit…

Catherine ,me encantan todas las imágenes!!!...pero las de la cocina me apasionan y la de la mesa preparada para desayunar me parece "un lujo"!!!
El desayuno es mi comida preferida del día y aunque habitualmente no dispongo de mucho tiempo para saborear un buen café y tostadas ,me apasiona hacerlo los fines de semana.Sería un placer saborearlo en esa mesa tan exquisita!!!
Precioso post!!! Un abrazo enorme.

Madelief a dit…

Dear Catherine,

Not only his gardens are beautiful....Monet did have a beautiful home as well!! A picknick in the field is just what I would like to do on a sunny day like this!!

Happy evening!

lieve groet, Madelief

Catherine a dit…

para Pilar: gracias por su visita! yo tengo mucho tiempo para desayunar , ahora què los ninos no estan aqui.Para mi es un buen momento del dia. Al fin de la semana con los ninos ,haciemos un" Brunch" a mi me gusta mucho , porque no ha que cocer a media dia y el dia es mas largo asi! un beso de mi!

Bernideen a dit…


Ascension a dit…

Cada vez que vengo a tu blog, disfruto de bellas imagenes y aprendo muchisimas cosas, gracias por tener un blog tan genial!!
besitos ascension

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Oh so gorgeous, Catherine. The touch of yellow makes it sparkle!
Wishing you a bonne nuit et un bon Jeudi. xx

Barb a dit…

Hi Catherine,

I enjoy your blog so much. The photo's are fantastic. You could get a side job as a photographer. I think they are that good.

big hugs,

Love your grandparents house!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Oh Catherine I LOVE Monet's work and Geverny is absolutely beautiful! I love the blue and white china with the yellow too but that other yellow with blue stripe china is just like you said...simple yet elegant. I don't think I've ever seen chairs like these ones...I love the fan back on them! Thank you so much for sharing Monet's home with us...have a wonderful Thursday. I'm off with my sister in law to south western Kansas. They say it doesn't look like Kansas over there...I guess I'll find out. I'm taking my camera with both lenses so hopefully I'll get some good pictures to post! Take care my mon amie....Maura :) ps love your music!

Verily a dit…

Hi Catherine, I recently found your blog and love it. We were lucky enough to visit Monet's house and garden, it is so magical. I am Australian but my son lives in Honfleur, is that near you? Regards Leonie