mardi 15 juin 2010

Flowers outside and inside

Today, was a lovely day outside, but still chilly.  I had to do some cleaning after the plumber came, i had a problem in the kitchen! well, everything is in order now. My mother and i made some curtains together yesterday and today she looked after the flowers in the garden. Tomorow i will be out, i must go to Rouen  to get a new camera for my son before he leaves next week for Washington DC. This is why i am busy these days! well i took some pictures of the garden and from my bedroom.
I also cut the grass this afternoon.
This is my desk, freshly cleaned...and tidy...
Some dolls my son brought me from Roumania.

This is a present from my daughter.
My husband's desk.
Some little things i found to put some lavender in.

And my favorite rose" Pierre de Ronsard"( on the left). I will take my camera tomorow and i wish you a nice day, see you soon , Catherine

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Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Hello Catherine! What a beautiful garden you have..I love the roses and are those Foxgolves? What is the tall plant in the pot with orange or yellow flowers? It's beautiful. I love your desk and the view....such a peaceful relaxing place to sit. Where I sit and write my blog is at a desk similar to your husbands with the roll top. I LOVE the room with the slanted walls and the windows...that would be my favorite room I think. I just noticed that it is your office! You have a lovely home Catherine...thank you for sharing with us. Have a wonderful evening...Maura :)

It's me a dit…

Have a wonderful time by your son tomorow..............leaving us with such a beautiful pictures !!! it is not bad................hugs from me.................and more hugs..............bye.......

Sylvia a dit…

Beautiful flowers in your garden, Catherine, and what a lovely bedroom you have !
Nice things to make it cosy !
See you soon,

Pilar a dit…

Ya se va a Washington ,tu hijo la semana que viene??le deseo mucha suerte y que todo le vaya fenomenal allí.Estoy segura de que va a ser una experiencia maravillosa y muy enriquecedora para él.
Es normal que tú estos días estés muy ocupada....,tu jardín cada día está mas bonito Catherine!! y tu escritorio es un lugar lleno de paz y sosiego ,con un paisaje perfecto que invita a la calma ,es como un refugio de tranquilidad!!
Gracias por compartir estas imágenes ,muchos besos y feliz noche.

Emmas utsikt a dit…

Hi Catherine,

popping by, enjoying your beautiful garden and pictures.

Have to read more!

All the best,

Lynn-Teacupstitches a dit…

Hi Catherine!
What a gorgeous garden you have! I love foxglove but in our area we have to grow them as annuals.

Your decorating is so pretty and those lavender cones so creative!!
Thanks for sharing some of your pretty pics!!
Hugs and Smiles,

from my front porch... a dit…

Catherine, Your home is beautiful inside and out! I love everything you showed in your pictures!
I bet your son is excited to come to Washington DC! Lots of pictures to take!
Have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by!
xo, misha

september cottage a dit…

Dear Catherien!!

Thank you so much for the garden info the other day - have it all saved on my computer (where I keep different files of "Places to visit one day...!". I would LOVE to go!!!!

LOVE the view from your desk - what a beautiful place to sit (and blog? Is that where you sit?)

Have a lovely day and enjoy your beautiful garden, I am going into mine now to fight with weeds....


love lives in the kitchen a dit…

everything is so beautiful in this post! i adore your pictures!
have a sweet day,

francesca a dit…

Hi Catherine
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would you be king enough to give me some guidance on where to stay and what to visit? we travel in motorbike and we like to see as much as possible.
thanks for the valuable information that will give me.