samedi 22 mai 2010

This is a mosaic created with " big huge labs"
This is my day out to the sea  and now a "jigsaw"
Some Spring flowers, but here we are suddenly in Summer! we did not have any spring and not it's really hot. How is it for you? Tomorow i'm going back to the sea and i will take some new pictures for you. I wish you a lovely weekend. Catherine.

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Julie Harward a dit…

Well, I am hoping something comes because we have missed Spring...and we need summer! I love the flowers and the mosaics here, very pretty! Come say hi sometime :D

GardenofDaisies a dit…

I love the pictures of the seaside. Gorgeous!!!!

Margriet a dit…

Oh, you've been to Étretat!!! We have been there for a short holiday two weeks ago and it was wonderful!!!! Love your pictures of Dieppe, I sure want to visit Dieppe on another holiday :-)
Margriet (from the Netherlands)

Eva a dit…

No spring here too, last week was so cold and this finally we have enjoyed a very sunny week that is has been wonderful.
Beautiful pictures and the first one and the flowers.
Have a great time tomorrow!

Kathy a dit…

How wonderful Catherine! I can practically smell the sea air. The pictures are beautiful!
Thanks for visiting today - I think we could trade off on the things we each wish we had from the other's location.
I'd love your views! Just to see France!
Hope you have a beautiful day!

It's me a dit…

Today the sun has shine.............but i was in the shop and it was verry bizzy !!

Have a happy day tomorrow enjoy !! hugs from Me........and i hope the sun will shine...........!!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Hello Catherine! We finally have sunshine here and it's HOT but thank heavens it's windy. After wet stormy cool weather we are now getting 'steam-bath' weather. No gradually getting used to the warm temperatures this spring! I love your mosaics and your photo's...just beautiful. That Big Huge Labs is fun...I'm going to play with it again tonight. I hope you have a WONDERFUL Sunday! Take care my friend....Maura:)

@nne a dit…

Merci pour tes belles photos! Le temps est vraiment très capricieux en Europe. Hier en Crète c'était le déluge. Amicalement, @nne

Country Dreaming a dit…

Very cool! You did a great job!

Happy Sunday to you!


Pilar a dit…

Eres una artista en este mundo de la fotografía!!!
Cómo te encuentras ?? estás mejor ya?? aquí tenemos unos días de muchísimo calor ,la verdad no es propio de esta época del año ,a veces ni en Agosto tenemos tan buen tiempo!!
Un abrazo enorme Catherine ,cuídate mucho y feliz comienzo de semana.

Catherine a dit…

Para pilar: hola pilar qué tal? Estoy mejor ,y con el tiempo que tenemos aqui fue el mar todo el dia, y tono el sol!espero que estas bien y (wish you ) una buena semana! (no me acuerdo de la palabra "wish"!!! muchos besos Catherine