vendredi 7 mai 2010

Mother's day

I saw on American and some European blogs that it was " Mother's day" in  your countries. Here , it is later . But i want to send to all of you , my best wishes  on this special day!
A fter the birth of my first child , i bought a book about  motherhood, called: "Actes de naissance" de Valérie  Winckler, 25 years ago!!!
I hope you enjoyed the pictures, HAPPY  MOTHER's day!
The bszet presents on mother's  day, for me are the drawings, the poems of my children. This is a poem my son wrote me when he was about 8 years old, i remember i was very moved.He wrote me this poem during the night, he said " he had inspiration" !  Thank you Romain.


Mother's day

Mother's day is the most important moment of the month of June. And as i love you so much, the moment  is more intense and happy. Then you will open your present, i hope you will like it. Afterall it comes from my heart. 


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Suzy's Vintage Attic a dit…

Bonjour Catherine

De très belles photos! J'aime surtout la belle petite carte écrite par Romain.

Bon weekend

Isabelle x

It's me a dit…

Lovely sweet pictures !!

Yes tomorow is a bizy day in the shop !! flowers flowers !! for all the mum's........

I really like your post today !!

Nice to have that from your son !!

Have a great sunny weekend !! my dear Catherine hugs from me.......

Ascension a dit…

Pero que bonito!!!!!
Y que un niño de 8 años!!!!
Enhorabuena y Feiz dia de la Madre
besitos ascension

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Oh Catherine those pictures and most especially Romain's poem to you brought tears to my eyes...just beautiful. Even though it's not Mother's Day yet for you...I hope you have a wonderful weekend with memories of your children. Take care my friend...MauraXX

Julie Harward a dit…

Ahhh, thank you...such a sweet book with beautiful images! Loved the poem your son wrote for you too!
Today is a special day at my blog...come say hi :D

Annalisa a dit…

What a lovely pictures Catherine!
Romain's poem is sweet and Happy Mother's day to you too.
Have a lovely weekend,

Emmas utsikt a dit…

Such nice pictures. Are they yours or from the book?

In Sweden we celebrate mother´s day in June and father´s day in November.

But I think, here in Norway they have it in May... I think...

Allt the best for the weekend!

Beatnheart a dit…

Oh how beautiful Catherine...Your sons poem is adorable...Please stop over for a visit...I am having a giveaway...Merci...Cynthia

Rural Revival a dit…

Lovely photos and such a sweet boy you must have to write that poem!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Dominique- L a dit…


Grâce au blog de Franboisine, je découvre des endroits charmants et que j'aime particulièrement.
Je suis de votre avis, la fête des mères est la plus belle fête de l'année. La touchante carte écrite d'une main enfantine, m'en rappelle une autre, rédigée de ma propre main et que maman a toujours soigneusement conservée. Je me souviens encore du texte qui débutait ainsi :

Ma petite maman, de tout mon petit coeur débordant d'amour de tendresse et de reconnaissance.....
À présent c’est ma fille, née le jour de la fête des mères, mon plus beau cadeau, qui m’envoie de bien tendres écrits.

Votre monde est très beau Catherine.

Merci de m’avoir permis d’y laisser une trace.

Bon week-end.

Country Dreaming a dit…

Happy Mother's Day to you now and when you have it later.
Lovely pictures. Would this be you


Auntie Cake a dit…

Thanks so much for the wishes! My best present today was a mug that my youngest son had painted. I play on a sports team, and the mug has my name, my number and the team name on it. I love it because my son hates to color or draw as he has severe arthritis in his fingers that makes it unpleasant. The mug made me cry as I know he made it just for me even though it was hard for him. Kids are so sweet, aren't they?

An early Happy Mother's Day to you too!