samedi 1 mai 2010

May the 1rst

Today , May the first , I wish you " Happiness " with this lily of the valley. Here we offer Lily on the 1rst of May to wish others happiness .
Somebody gave it too me and i had some more tonight!

A new flower is born in the garden , a Peonie.
It's always a pleasure to see her every year!
My herb garden. I bought new labels.
Today we had a barbecue, was cold sooo...we had lunch inside!
A big salad and fish barbecue. As desert we had red fruit crumble.

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Beatnheart a dit…

We don't have Lily of the Valley in California...Sob!! One of my most favorite flowers...Its not cold enough..No Peonies either or Lilacs...sad but true...I love visiting you Catherine...a peaceful, tranquil world.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Hello Catherine! I love Lily of the reminds me of my Nana along with the Bleeding Hearts and soft pink Peonies, she had all three growing in her beautiful English style gardens. Your Peony is BEAUTIFUL! Mmmm that salad looks I'm hungry! I hope tomorrow (Sunday) is a much warmer day for you. Take care....

Country Dreaming a dit…

Happy May Day to you!
Your flowers are beauiful.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


It's me a dit…

Beautiful flowers ,sweet that lily........and the weather is also not good here .it's raining now!!

We stay in the house today......and do some nice things...............have a great sunday ! hugs from me........

Eva a dit…

Love the labels in your garden!!
Have a nice week dear Catherine!

From the Kitchen a dit…

I've just had a lovely visit at your blog. Our lilies of the valley at just starting to show up. The peony is one of my favorite flowers. I've just planted herbs and have to go in search of markers, lest I forget.


Ascension a dit…

Cada dia, esta mas bonito tu jardin, llenito de detalles
Que buena comida, seguro que habreis disfrutado mucho, aunque no hiciese buen dia.
besitos ascension

Leslie a dit…

Your flowrs are beautiful. I love the new herb signs!
I hope the bbq was fun anyway!
It was 90 here yesterday ~ almost to hot to eat outside. : )

Happy May my friend!

Pilar a dit…

Catherine,tu jardín está todavía mas bonito con la peonia florecida y las nuevas etiquetas que has puesto.
Lástima que haya hecho frío y que no hayáis podido disfrutar de vuestra barbacoa en el exterior!!!
Lo de desayunar en la cama suena delicioso y tan relajante!!!...pero en mi caso resulta totalmente imposible ,las prisas y horarios del día a día (siempre pendiente del reloj)sólo me permiten disfrutar de un café rápido y a veces de pie ,uff!!
Un abrazo muy grande y feliz comienzo de semana.

september cottage a dit…

Thank you for your good wishes, which I would like to return to you!!! Such a beautiful custom you have In France with giving lillie of the valley..... I think we should all do it!!!!

Have a lovely week!!!


Sylvia a dit…

Beautiful, Catherine, your lily
of the valley combined with the rose,how nice such a present !
Gorgeous peony !
We had also a lot of rain today.
Have a nice week,