mercredi 26 mai 2010

Ma cabane- garden sheds

Somewhere to hide when it's hot ! the garden shed. I have one in my garden under a weeping willow and in summer when it's too hot , it's a nice place to relax, take a glass of cold tea or eat an ice cream.This year i want to paint the inside in white, make some new curtains and some cushions. We have an Ikea shop close to our home, so i think i will get some furniture there and in a charity shop.
I bought some of these candles, they are wonderful !
These candles are from:( la bougie Française.) We had thunderstorms here, because it was too hot i hope it will be fine again!

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Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Hello Catherine! That first picture is just beautiful...such soft colours and what a wonderful place to sit and relax with a nice cold iced tea or fresh lemonade. The sheds are are so cute..I especially like that one on stilts on the water. Wouldn't that be a great place to be on a hot summer day! Thanks for sharing these...I hope you have a WONDERFUL evening. Take care my friend...Maura:)

Ozma of Odds a dit…

...such a lovely table and the candles ~ instant romance, I say! Adore the hide-away-sheds, soooo dreamy and whimsical like a tree house, but on the ground!!!
xo, Rosemary

Sylvia a dit…

Gorgeous pictures !
The candles are beautiful, so romantic !
We had rain the whole day, hope it's getting better soon.
Nice evening,

Emmas utsikt a dit…

Lovely pictures as usual. Just love visiting you.

About the rhubarb, maybe yours need cow-furtilizer? I know old plants can "dry out"

I made a plain muffinrecepie, a spoon in the buttom, then a big spoon vanillacream and som rhubarb, More muffin and then rhubarb on top. Really good stuff!

I cut the rhubarb in tiny pieces, let them soak in sugar and cinamon while making the dough. Don´t forget to peale the rhubarb first. :)


It's me a dit…

Too hot???'s cold here again............what a beautiful candles Cathrine,............hugs from me...........

Cassandra a dit…

Cabanes de jardin! How wonderful, Catherine! The examples you have posted are beautiful as are the candles...I can hardly WAIT to visit France again! The red cabane reminds me of my favorite little antique shop in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, surrounded by forest and ferns - I will have to craft a post about it on my blog so that you can see it! Cassandra ♥

*Ulrike* a dit…

Loved seeing all of the different garden sheds! I can't wait till we move mine to its spot so I can begin turning it into a resting place for me!! The candles are gorgeous!

Country Dreaming a dit…

Lovely pictures.

Thanks again for the e-card. Ken
will enjoy it when he comes home.


Madelief a dit…

Dear Catherine,

I tried to leave a message yesterday to thank you for your sweet ecard, but I had problems with blogger. I was so happy with that beautiful card. I wish you could have seen me, sitting behind the computer with a big smile on my face! Thank you!!!

Love the garden houses you are showing. They are so pretty. I hope your garden house will become just the same! With buying the candles you made a good start :-)!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Flat Creek Farm a dit…

Lovely photos! I want that last garden shed pictured :) Sounds like a wonderful place to spend some time! And.. ohhhh... I can just smell those candles :) -Tammy

Leslie a dit…

it is all so beautiful. I love the garden sheds!
Have a great weekend

Pilar a dit…

Me encantan los cobertizos en los jardines ,son estupendos durante el verano.
Seguro que el tuyo te quedará precioso después de ese "lavado de imagen" que piensas hacerle,además una capa de pintura nueva es capaz de renovar cualquier ambiente ,verdad??
Tus imagenes de esas casitas en los jardines son hermosas!!
Un abrazo muy grande ,nice friday.

Auntie Cake a dit…

What beautiful pictures! It makes me want to move right into one and play house! What a beautiful setting you have created. Enjoy it!

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