vendredi 14 mai 2010

just shabby

I just recieved my magazine about Shabby deco and i want to share some pictures with you. On Sunday , there is a big " Vide grenier " ( a flee- market) and i think ,if i get up quite early i will be able to go there! but it's outside and it may be raining again! 
look at the "Madeleine baking tin "
I wish you all a good weekend! (mag MAISON CHIC )

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Natasha a dit…

So many beautiful things! I hope that the weather clears up so you can go to the Vide grenier!

Best wishes for a beautiful weekend,

Pilar a dit…

Me han gustado mucho las imágenes que has escogido para compartir con nosotros hoy,tienen un encanto especial!!!
Ojalá el domingo no llueva y puedas disfrutar en ese mercadillo grande al que quieres ir..aquí también llevamos toda la semana con frío y lluvia ,en concreto hoy no para de llover ,parece invierno!!!
Un abrazo muy grande y feliz fin de semana.

Isobel a dit…

Hi Catherine,
I hope that you can get to go to the flea market. It is one of the things I would love to do one day, to go to a true flea market in France. :)
Have a fabulous weekend!

It's me a dit…

What a beautiful magazine!! thank you for sharing !! with us.............

I reaaly like it all...........can you send it over to me ??? than i have a nice happy weekend to read it !!! hahahhahah!!

Happy sunny weekend enjoy !!!

Hugs from Ria

Sylvia a dit…

Beautiful pictures, Catherine, so many gorgeous things !
I hope it's not raining on Sunday !
Have a nice weekend,

Bruxa da Montanha a dit…

Hi Catherine!
Lovely shabby.
Look my angels.
Best regards.

Country Dreaming a dit…

Very pretty pictures.
On Sunday, put on a slicker and enjoy the outdoors.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Julie Harward a dit…

I would love to go there..many very neat things! :D

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Hello Catherine! I love this's so timeless and comfortable. What a wonderful magazine..wish we could get it here. I hope when you get up on Sunday it's not raining and you're able to go to the Vide Grenier! Have a wonderful weekend....Maura:)