mercredi 5 mai 2010

Garage sells or Foire à tout

Spring is here , but gone somewhere else at the moment! It is freezing cold here, with a strong wind. I have problems to put pictures on line at the moment, blogger is very slow! but i made it this morning, it took time!
Here in France during spring and summer time we have what we call :" Foire à tout", it's the equivalent of the garage sells, but it's not in our garage , we have to go and take everything to the village and stay in the streets all day even when it's raining!I love to do one or two each year, but i would rather do it at home! we have a special magazine " le caldoche" here in our region which tells you where they take place.  I did quite a lot with the children, they were very go sellers! Well, i told you about it , because i found this old picture there. I really love this photo of this little boy.
Thes three ones were found in Connecticut, when i visited mu aunt.
Hope you're having a nice day.Thank you for your kind messages about Hortense, it's nice to have good friends!

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Emmas utsikt a dit…

Lovely old pictures. Do you know who the people are?

I wouldn´t mind selling some of my old stuff, especially the childrensclothing...

Sad to read about Hortense, it´s always sad to say goodbye to a old friend...

Take care,

Pilar a dit…

Me gustan mucho las fotos antiguas ,las tuyas son estupendas.
Las encontraste en Connecticut en una visita a tu tía,pero son de algún antepasado tuyo?
Cuando las observo ,pienso en el tipo de vida que habrán tenido esas personas...probablemente mucho menos estresada que la nuestra ,verdad??
Un abrazo enorme y abrígate mucho ,el tiempo está muy desapacible!!

Chani a dit…

I'm going to do a vide grenier next sunday myself... I'm sure I will buy more than I sell lol!
Bisous, Chani

@nne a dit…

Oh la, la ... les vides greniers ça me manque tellement en Crète. Quelques etrangers veulent organiser un "bazaar" ou "pazari" chaque lundi dans un village à 15 kms de chez nous. On verra. Bizou, @nne

Eva a dit…

I am so sorry for Hortense, really.
It is amazing how we coan love our pets, right?
Lovely pictures of your farmyard,
By the way I love your garden mobile with the dragoflies and the one with butterflies too. I love the rusty colour!
I am feeling better, thnaks!
Un beso my friend

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Hello Catherine! It's handy having 'garage sales' at your home but when you live in the country you need what we call over here 'flea markets' or my sister in England calls 'boot sales' where people all go to one place to sell. I LOVE those..and garage sales but since moving to the country I don't go like I used to. That's one thing I do miss about living in town or the city. But not enough to move back! I love your old photo's...are they family members or just photo's you found when you were 'garage sale-ing' with your Aunt? Love the photo of your Columbine...I used to have them in my garden...and hopefully I'll have them again here at the farm. I hope you have a wonderful evening...take care. Maura:)

Obee Designs a dit…

Hello Catherine, I am so sorry to hear about your goat, Hortense. It is so very sad to lose a family pet, especially for your children. I am so sad for you. I just love animals, and I can't imagine how you must be feeling. I am very sorry.
I hope your days will get better,

Sylvia a dit…

Beautiful old photos, Catherine !
I agree, that photo of the little boy is gorgeous !
It's cold here too.
Nice evening,

It's me a dit…

Hello Catherine,.it's cold here too.i saw the news the weather in France is terrible!!

Today we had sun !! but it was cold.........beuatiful old pictures !! i enjpy your post as usual !!

Hugs from me my dear !

Nezzy a dit…

Oh baby, if those photos could talk!!! Your week vs. flower pics are amazingly beautiful. I always feel like I've taken a trip abroad when I visit. very calming. Thanks sweetie.

Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed Wednesday!!!

Leslie a dit…

beautiful pictures. I love the little boy photo also.

Happy Thursday

Carol............. a dit…

The old photos are wonderful...what a sweet look on the child's face.

I love the columbines...I have the same color all around my garden (and a few more)