lundi 10 mai 2010

Flower show and garden decoration.

Saturday in went to a flower show, i was looking for some giant garlic , Agapanthes and some small cyclamens.  I found all i wanted there. It was a nice day and i enjoyed looking at the flowers and garden decorations . I found some lovely roses , i like the purple one.
I hope you liked the visit! see you later...

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Julie Harward a dit…

You go to the funnest things...I would love to spend some time at this kind of thing! Thanks for sharing it! Come say hi :D

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

OH Catherine what a wonderful place to spend the afternoon! I love the cherub on the moss in the bucket and the wicker planter on legs and of course all the flowers. I could spend all day in a place like that! Thank you for sharing this with us...have a good day and I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Take care. Maura

Ascension a dit…

Me ha encantado, visitar contigo esa exhibicion de flores.
Seguro que tu jardin va a quedar todavia mas bonito, con las nuevas adquisiciones.
Preciosas las fotos, gracias
besitos ascension

It's me a dit…

Hope to like the visit??

It is so beautiful !! i really like it tooo much !!

What a beautiful show !! all the flowers roses so nice !! i like it all !!

Thank you for share........have a nice week hugs from Ria

Pilar a dit…

Una visita de lo mas agradable,Catherine!! ha gustado mucho la rosa de color morado ,nunca había visto una de ese tono ,es preciosa!!!
Tus flores me acercan un poquito esa primavera que tanto se resiste a quedarse con nosotros ,aquí no para de llover!!!
Muchas gracias por compartir todas estas vivencias tuyas ,un abrazo muy grande y cuídate mucho .

Kamila a dit…

Urocze poidełka dla ptaków.
Ciekawy asortyment do kwiatów .

Emmas utsikt a dit…

Catherine! I want to got too!! We don´t have markets like that here. Aaarrhgg... Ours are usually pretty boring or really big and impersonal.

I HAVE to go to France for vacation soon.

All the best,

Flat Creek Farm a dit…

Just beautiful! Lovely way to spend some time :) Those roses are breathtaking! Thank you for sharing. -Tammy

My Grama's Soul a dit…

What a flower show.....OH MY!!!!!



Leslie a dit…

Wow, some of them don't even look real. Beautiful flowers, I see many that I would love to have!!!

Happy planting.

Country Dreaming a dit…

Really looks like fun!
Love all the flowers!


Eva a dit…

Where I live does not exists this pretty flower shows-shops. My garden shops are different. I love the place where you live!!
Happy Wendesday!

Cassandra a dit…

Thank you for this wonderful posting, Catherine. I love flower shows and this one is just lovely - beautiful, simple yet lovely country flowers, baskets, and garden items! Great photos! Cassandra ♥

Suzy's Vintage Attic a dit…

I would have loved it there! I spotted several things which I would have bought had I been there. I really like the roses in that pretty pot.

Beautiful photos!
Warm wishes
Isabelle x

Bernideen a dit…

Oh boy...what do Ilove the most? Maybe the basket with herbs!