samedi 24 avril 2010

Summer days in the garden

Tomorow will certainly be our first lunch outside, it is becoming warmer and warmer after this long winter! The two big chestnut trees already have their leaves and the goats are happy to eat fresh grass and to relax at the shades of the apple-trees.
Before i used to have a vegetable- garden , but the goats would jump over the fence and eat all the vegetables,so i gave up! but it was quite a big garden with fruits, vegetables and cutting flowers.

It's nice to relax under the shade of a tree!
Hope you'll be lucky to have your Sunday lunch out in your garden! Wish you a good Sunday.

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Eva a dit…

Today I have spent all morning in my terrace with my plants and making sunbathing. The good things of the recovery ;)
Hope you enjoy your meal!!
Un beso

BonjourRomance a dit…

Bonjour dear Catherine,
Enjoy all this beautiful sunshine. Today is so warm, I actually ventured outside without my coulants for the first time. Wishing you a wonderful outdoor lunch and weekend,

september cottage a dit…

Dear Catherine!!

What lovely, lovely pictures, the roses are magnificent and I just adore rose standards!!! How do you get yours so 'fluffy'?

Wishing you perfect weather for your alfresco Sunday Lunch!!!

Regards, Nicola

p.s. I am in France at the moment (Nice), so yes, the Milka muffins came from a bakery, one of those who don't bake there own things on the premises, nevertheless, the muffins came loose and tasted home-made :)

Julie Harward a dit…

Just beautiful...I am so thankful for gardens and for summer, we are in the middle of season change, some days it looks like spring and some days it looks like winter still! Come say hi :D

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Hello Catherine! What beautiful pictures...I miss my gardens but one day I'll have them again. It will be like starting with a new 'canvas'! That's too bad about your sheep jumping the fence and eating your garden vegetables...I can see why you gave up. Thank you for viewing my farm day it will be just the way I want it to be...until then I'm enjoying it just the way it is. I hope you have a WONDERFUL sunny warm Sunday to enjoy your lunch outside. Take care my friend. Maura

Sylvia a dit…

Gorgeous pictures, Catherine !
It's a lovely sunny day, more than 20° here.
Sounds nice a lunch in the garden !
Have a great Sunday,

The Hausfrau a dit…

So very beautiful!!

We'll be eating outside on Sunday, too...

Alice a dit…

Hola, que bello jardin cuanto me gustaría transitar por el, felicitaciones es realmente una belleza.Buen FIN DE SEMANA. Cariños

Emmas utsikt a dit…

What nice settings. What a dreamgarden!
I wish you a really pleasant Sunday with lots and lots of sun!


It's me a dit…

O Catherine.......your garden is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful !! ..enjoy your sunday lunch tomorow!!...and i hope we can also lunch outside .......but i don't think that !! but whe must see.........happy happy day tomorow!!

Hugs from me Ria

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) a dit…

Your garden is just so fabulous! I could look at the pics all day long. And that table, it's just so gorgeous, you did an amazing job!

Country Dreaming a dit…

Looks beautiful!
Enjoy your lunch.


Ascension a dit…

Que maravilla de jardin, es para vivir en el!!!
besitos ascension

Pilar a dit…

Un jardín fabuloso,Catherine!!!....imagino lo que disfrutaréis de él con la llegada del buen tiempo .
Me encanta la imagen de la mesa rectangular con los tiestos encima ,tiene un entorno especialmente "bello".
Espero que hayas disfrutado de tu comida de domingo,aquí el tiempo también es fabuloso.
Un abrazo enorme y feliz comienzo de semana.