mardi 20 avril 2010

My little borrowers

Three little borrowers and their mother are living under my garden house. When i go on my computer they just look at me when they go out in the evening, now they are used to my voice and i 've put a fence to prevent my dog from eating them! she is very interesting by our new friends! unfortunately  she is a hunting dog!
(if you want to see two of them, click to enlarge)

6 commentaires:

It's me a dit…

Howb cute!! this little rabits.............have a good night sleep well !! hugs from me.......

Julie Harward a dit…

I see cute! They are so entertaining, we have some small cotton tails that live in our haystack and the piles of big rocks around our place. Our dogs don't bother them all and they are so darling! Come say hi :D

Barb a dit…

Hi Catherine,

Happy belated birthday (I am catching up on blog reading)!

Your photo's are just beautiful. I would like to walk in the orchard. Lucky you!

We have little rabbits that tease Tommy. Hubby is not too fond of them because they eat the grass. I love watching them.

Big hugs,

Flat Creek Farm a dit…

They are so precious! So nice they are almost your 'pets' too! :) Very sweet. -Tammy

Pilar a dit…

Son una monada!!!!...a lo mejor son Peter y su familia que han llegado para visitarte(seguro que esta frase te la diría mi hija si los ve!!!)
Ojalá que tu perra no los encuentre, sería una lástima que los atrapase.
Muchos besos.

Leslie a dit…

I love the bunnies. Around here we have a "blonde" rabbit. Who knows where it came from, I am thinking Wonderland!