mardi 6 avril 2010

French bread oven and miniatures

On Easter day , i went to get some bred at the "Four à pain". During Spring and Summer every two months , there is a place , two kilometers from home where they bake bred in a wood oven. You can buy french bread , but this one is the country one! 
This is the oven.
The outside of it.
The "Douillons".
Do you remember? These are the ones i made!
The country Big bread!!
With the bread you could buy goat cheese and wine.
Have you seen this wonderful crust! 
With cheese and wine it's sooo ...GOOD!
There was wood work, miniatures of farmers tools.
This is a miniature of an apple press to make cider.
"FOIE-GRAS" nice on fresh bread!
and oysters. We bought some douillons too, and we had them for tea!  I wish you a very good week.

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Sage a dit…

Wonderful! This reminds me of one of my posts when I discovered a special baker. These bread are so perfect for the 2 of us.
Lovely post.

Julie Harward a dit…

I would love to go the bread and the mini-woods...Come say hi :D

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Hello Catherine! Oh my that bread looks good....and the thought of foie-gras and cheese spread on it sounds SO GOOD. My Aunt who lived in Montreal brought some foie-gras to my Nana one year and we all fell in love with it. What a wonderful place to buy your are so fortunate to live near all these interesting places. I hope you have a wonderful evening! Best Wishes...Maura

It's me a dit…

Hello Catherine.........i wish i could smell these nice breads..........oh my !..........what a nice place where you live..i am a little bit jealous........may i ??

Have a great evening hugs from me ........

Eva a dit…

Your blog always make me fell hungry...I love bread!! Really I love it!
Yours look delicious!!
Thanks Catherine!!
Un beso ;)

Emmas utsikt a dit…

Catherine! Bread! You know I love good bread... o godness, with wine and cheese... I´m gonna be French in my next life, promise.

Lovely Easterpictures.


Diane a dit…

Catherine, it's so true! Bread, wine and cheese are the perfect meal!
Comfort food!

Pilar a dit…

Catherine ,para mí no hay nada mas rico en este mundo que una corteza de pan bien crujiente...y la verdad que este tuyo tiene una pinta deliciosa.
El domingo por la mañana también estuve en una exposición de quesos,había muchos puestos con diferentes clases de quesos de la región y también italianos y franceses...(yo creo que te hubiese gustado mucho estar allí),con ese pan hubiese sido una combinación perfecta.
Un abrazo enorme y feliz miércoles.

ozma of odds a dit…

...aaahhhhh, ode to beautiful bread!!! It really doesn't get much better than taht...well maybe ~ some good cheese... a glass of wine....
xo, Rosemary


Bonjour Catherine,
J'essaie vainement de te laisser des messages mais mon ordi me pose beaucoup de problème pour accèder à ton blog ... et pourtant, j'aime ces lieux que tu nous permets de visiter avec toi, de bien jolies découvertes!
C'est l'heure du goûter et ces pains me font terriblement envie ... des trésors de boulange !
Je te souhaite une belle fin de journée et j'espère que mon commentaire passera cette fois-ci ! Merci aussi pour tes petits mots et à tout bientôt!