mercredi 28 avril 2010

The "Château du champ de bataille" and market

Today i will take you to the market and to the "Château du champ de bataille " a  castle which is near were we live, it belongs to the famous decorator Mr Garcia , who has decorated lots of palaces across the world.Each year he organizes an opera outside in the castle garden. The last one i went to ,was  Mozart's "Flûte enchantée", this year it will " Carmen".I went to take pictures of the castle, but i was too early in the year  and it was closed , i will go back soon to take pictures for you.I forgot to tell you that after the opera there is a huge fire work in the garden!

These pictures were taken this autumn , because i don't go to the market during the winter time, it's too cold.

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It's me a dit…

Great market !! ...but those animals are they for consumation ????

Have a great happy evening!! hugs from me Ria

Julie Harward a dit…

I would love to go there...all the animals and fresh foods! I love your garden (post below) too...such pretty flowering going on there! Come say hi :D

Auntie Cake a dit…

What a beautiful place to stroll, shop and just dream! You are very lucky to have a place like that near your home! I hope you take loads of pics to share with us during the Opera! That must be so magical!

Pilar a dit…

Vas a ir a la ópera este año?? tiene que ser una delicia escuchar a la Carmen de Bizet entre esos fantáticos jardines...ojalá vayas y puedas hacer alguna foto ,sería una suerte para nosotras!!!!
Me encantan las fotos del mercado,Catherine!!
Un abrazo muy grande ,cuídate mucho.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Ooo Catherine THANK YOU for showing us pictures of the market! I'm looking forward to seeing the castle (I love castles) but I'm grinning from ear to ear looking at your photo's of the animals and the produce. What a wonderful place to do your shopping close to home! We had a 'farmers' market in the little town I was from in British Columbia on Saturday's. I miss that. I'm thinking of getting two ducks! Have a wonderful day. Maura:)

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

I forgot to mention that the fountains in your photos remind me of Versailles!