samedi 13 mars 2010

Week end recipe

The  teddy bears and i wish you a nice week end ! ( click to enlarge the recipes) i have done the two on top and they are quite good!

Awards given by Ascension:Mis miniaturas,
this is a Spanish blog with nice miniatures, that Ascension makes herself.
thank you once more ascension!!!

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maurakeith a dit…

Oh my these look delicious! I will have to get out my metric conversion although you'd think since I'm actually Canadian that I could do it! The truth be known I have always held onto the old standard measurments. Such beautiful pictures too Catherine...thank you for sharing these recipes. I will write you again later. Enjoy your day....Maura

Mom's Coffee Time a dit…

Thank you for the recipes! I hope you have a lovely weekend too! Blessings! ~Amy

Ascension a dit…

Gracias por las recetas, habra que intentarlas hacer, seguro que no me quedan como a at, que pena!!!!!!
Pasate por mi blog, tienes un premio para ti.
besitos ascension

It's me a dit…

I have worked today and i 'am to tiered to cook now !!

Can you bring them over to here......hiiihihihi!!it looks yammie yammie !!

Have a good weekend hugs from me.....

Sage a dit…

Love those teddy bears! What a beautiful post; thank you for sharing.

Sylvia a dit…

The teddy bears are so cute ! I love them.
Thanks for sharing the recipes, looks delicous !
Have a nice evening,

Acorn Cottage a dit…

Those pictures are lovely, and look even better to eat! THanks for the lovely post!

Warmly, Nancy

Celestial Charms a dit…

Thank you for the lovely recipes. Yummy. And I just adore teddy bears of all shapes and sizes. You put a big smile on my face!