jeudi 11 mars 2010

Thursday Chronicle

Yesterday, the farmer has been ploughing his field and today he has been sowing the spring wheat. Now the pigeons are having lunch! The goats have been pausing for you , the peonies  are budding and i found some " xmas roses" (this is how we call them) in the garden.
I have been baking some caramel muffins and i decorated them with mini marshmallows.
This is a clayey ground. Sometime in our surroundings ,a long time ago they usd to extract marl off the ground, so there are alot of tunnels underneath and they don't know exactly where they are . nowadays  the weather being dryer ( they have built houses on top) some big holes appears in the gardens,  the roads or in the houses. A few years ago, a man went out of his house in the morning and desapeared for ever, because the rescuers can't  go into these holes  , they are deep and may colapse. It happened  a few weeks ago in a garden.
Hello, i am "Fifille"
Fripon is the male.
I like these colored ones.
These ones are in my kitchen!
Caramel muffins and mini marshmallows! So GOOD....!

13 commentaires:

Sage a dit…

What lovely photos; just love those flowers; new ones that I have never seen before; thank you for sharing.

Julie Harward a dit…

No kidding...he disappeared for good?! That would be scary to have to watch out for holes that could swallow you up! Your muffin looks cute! Come say hi :D

Isobel a dit…

My goodness! That would be very scary to have these holes around.
Love the flowers, they are stunning!
Oh, can I have a muffin, please??? ;)

Desde mi ventana a dit…

Wonderful photos...beautiful flowers and the muffins looks so good!!!

Beatnheart a dit…

Where do you live?? Pardon my dumbness but where is Rouen?? those photos , I could live in them...I would cry a bucket of tears in that beautiful place..
Peonies are my Favorite flowere..we don't have them here..bother..thanks for you comment..Cynthia

Pilar a dit…

Vaya historia la de los "hoyos" ha dejado nerviosa!!
Me encanta el colorido de tus flores,son preciosas...y esos muffins tienen una pinta de lo mas deliciosa,desde luego queda patente que eres una gran cocinera.
Un abrazo enorme.

Catherine a dit…

Para Pilar :The muffins, my children like them very much , i saw a friend this afternoon , she did the recipe and her children want some now! I hope you'll spend a good evening , see you, Catherine

It's me a dit…

Nice all that collors...........lovely goats !

I like the orchids to..

Have a good night Hugs Ria

Rural Revival a dit…

J'adore les muffins avec mm!

They made me smile : ) a dit…

Can I eat them! ? The muffins I mean! Suzie xxx

Carolyn a dit…

beautiful flowers!

maurakeith a dit…

Hello Catherine, what beautiful flowers...I wish we had blossoms in the garden now but we don't. I hope this year we can put flower gardens in if we're not too busy fixing other things on the farm. I guess you could say we are starting from scratch. My gosh I'd be afraid to wake up in the morning and find my yard a big hole! That poor man and his family! I love your goats...they are just too cute. Eeyore had his 'operation' yesterday...I don't think he's too happy with us right now. Oh well c'est la vie! I hope you have a wonderful Friday...take care...Maura

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Sweet sweet Spring-like post! These muffins covered all over with marshmallows are so so pretty! I'll bring some tea, right away ...
Have a wonderful weekend, Catherine! xo