jeudi 4 mars 2010

Table decoration ideas for Easter.

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Today  "Easter table decoration".In France on  Easter the children are looking in the garden for chocolate eggs, bells and  hens .When young we are told that on Easter day, when the bells are ringing ,it's because they are coming back from Rome. These bells are bringing with them chocolate bells... Our parents used to hide the chocolates in the garden and with a basket we went chocolate hunting! This was after mass and we were lucky if the weather was nice! I was looking for inspiration, when i came across these decoration ideas.
I found these decoration very nice for Easter and spring time.

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Annalisa a dit…

oh my, these decorations are so delicate, love the colours, so soft!
Will you decorate your house using those tips you posted? I think it would look wonderful!!

It's me a dit…

You are quickly when there,it looks very nice............i love it !!

Nice pictures........greetz Ria

GardenofDaisies a dit…

I really like the daisy and daffodil garlands and the felt birds/chickens.

KATHY a dit…

Hello, such a beautiful tablescape.....Kathy

maurakeith a dit…

Catherine what beautiful table decorations and I love the garland above too. Beautiful colours! Hope you are having a nice visit with your son. Take care.

Country Dreaming a dit…

Lovely pictures. I need to start thinking about Easter. We usaually have some of the family over for dinner.

Have a great Friday!


@nne a dit…

C'est vraiment la table en fête. Bon weekend, @nne a dit…

Absolutely gorgeous! Suzie xxx

Sage a dit…

Merci Catherine; a lovely post full of pictures to make my heart a flutter! I love Easter and remember going to church with my new hat(my mom used to make them).
Une très belle table!

belles choses a dit…

Quelle belle table charmante et élégante! J'aimerais y passer un beau temps avec la famille et les amis.

J'adore cette maison normande de ton post dernier!

Bon week-end,

Nezzy a dit…

Oh sweetie your Easter tablescape is just beautiful. You are truly ready for that Easter Bunny visit.

God bless and have a beautiful weekend Catherine!

nathalie a dit…

one common point : the art of table

i just discover your blog ...

hve a nice day