dimanche 21 mars 2010

st Wandrille , the abbey road - Part3

Last Sunday , we have been to another Abbey. Here in this part of Normandy, on Sundays we like to go out  not very far because the weather is not good enough to go on the coast to Deauville , so we go on the abbey road. The monks have shops were they sell different items. i bought some honey vinegar, some  honey gingerbred ( because they have beehives) some "galettes" (biscuits) and some "confiture de lait" ( a kind of caramel sauce, made with milk and sugar).All these things are natural or bio. My mother used to buy wax to polish her furniture. Of course we go to the church and pray at the same time, i like these  Sunday's drives  and  walks with the family .We have a lot of abbey round here!
This big cathedral has been demolished  during the revolution.
The monks cimetary.

They have rebuilt a church.
It's the inside of the church, but i ran out of battery, so it's the only one, sorry!
At the end of the day, we had a good rice and apple pudding, with  Golden syrup  and " crème anglaise"!!! have a nice week end;

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