jeudi 4 mars 2010

Normandy Thatched houses

Before, thatched  houses belonged to  Normand peasants. They were made with what they found in the surroundings: straw ,reeds from the marshes, for the roof. wood for the framework , clay and straw for the walls. Near where i live, there is  "La route des chaumières "( the thatched  houses way, where you find most of it in the region.Now it costa lot to maintain this kind of house, before poor people lived in them , now it's the contrary!!!they  were often located in the ereas close to marshes, now you can find them anywhere in Normandy.On top of the roof  was some clay with Iris to maintain the structure.

This was one of my aunt's country home.

I wish you a good day.

6 commentaires:

The Hausfrau a dit…

These are such works of art, and I love how irises are grown on top!

GardenofDaisies a dit…

They really are beautiful! And I Like the way they have planted a "garden" along the top ridge of the roof.

maurakeith a dit…

I love the look of the thatched roof cottages. I've never seen them with plants on them before! My sister who lives in England took me to Devon one year and I was in heaven! There were thatched roofed cottages everywhere. Your Aunt's cottage looks lovely...I hope you got to spend lots of time there. Have a wonderful day Catherine ...I'm sure you're enjoying your son's visit and busy preparing for his birthday. Have fun! Maura

Sage a dit…

What an intersesting blog; love all those pictures and those beautiful houses.

Julie Harward a dit…

They are so amazing...what craftmanship! I wonder how they are maintained?! Thanks for sharing...come say hi :D

Diane a dit…

Catherine, they are so charming! Thank you for showing us so many lovely cottages with thatched roofs! I love the touch of planting irises on top!