mardi 9 mars 2010

My Birth Town : ROUEN

Today i took my camera and look at my birth town with the eye of a tourist. In fact ,i had a four hours walk and it was very pleasant. The weather was cold but sunny! Well in the morning i went to  Rouen's university of law for Romain, then i did my shopping and took pictures with my shopping bags in one hand and manage to take pictures, so they may not be very straight! First of all i will show you our cathedral " Gothique Flamboyant ". I love this cathedral , this morning the atmosphere was one of prayer and quietness.
This is" Richard coeur de lion "
Now what we call " Le Gros Horloge "( the big clock)
The  Law Court.
The "gargouilles "
Middle age houses
This place is where people who died during the "Plague " were buried all together.
The pottery called " Vieux Rouen ", it's specific to the town, it is hand painted ( the man is painting in the shop window)
A little bit of shopping!
I did NOT have some of these...NO!

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Julie Harward a dit…

I loved the big clock and the shops have such cute cloths and I would have had a treat...all that walking you know! Come say hi :D

maurakeith a dit…

Catherine what beautiful pictures and what a beautiful city! I love the buildings near the clock...the 1500's style is so beautiful. I guess the style was all over Europe at the time as I've seen buildings in England that look the same. Beautiful! Oh us pictures of the fantastic pastries when I'm trying to loose weight LOL!! These remind me of the village of Versailles when my sister and I bought a few goodies to bring home. I never did eat one but I did take a bite. These are of art! Thank you for sharing these. I hope you have a wonderful evening. Maura

La Maison en Wonderboom a dit…

Several years ago we were in Rouen and yes it is a beautiful city.
Thank you fot this post I like it.

Have a nice evening,

Celestial Charms a dit…

Such a very beautiful city. I am in awe of the Cathedral. So immense and exquisite. I wish I had some of those lovely potter pieces in my home. What a special place to be born in.
Thank you for sharing those lovely photos.

Ascension a dit…

Que bonito paseo has dado, una maravilla las fotos, me encanta tu blog y pasear contigo jeje
besitos ascension

Pilar a dit…

Me encantan tus fotos ,Catherine!! La catedral me parece imponente ,realmente bella y digna de visitar,el reloj es magnífico y las casas maravillosas... una auténtica delicia de imágenes.
Muchas gracias por compartirlas!!Ojalá algún día pueda visitarlo todo personalmente.
Un abrazo enorme (aunque tú no hayas hecho esos pasteles ,los tuyos también se habrían podido vender al lado de esos ...eres una gran repostera)

Emmas utsikt a dit…

Oh what a nice walk and town. Thanks for sharing! And I would definetly have som of the cakes.


Nezzy a dit…

I could just sit and stare at the beautiful architecture for hours. I'm in awe of the law court and that magnificent cathedral. Thanks Catherine, you always give me a little mini vacation off the Ponderosa.

Have a fun day filled with sweets blessings from above!!! :o)

It's me a dit…

What a beautiful cathedral !! wow !! praise the lord !!!

Amazing...i am quiet now so beautiful...............and lovely clothes and yammie yammie cakes !!

Once i go to there !

Greetz and hugs Ria

KATHY a dit…

Hello, the pictures are so beautiful!!!! I would love to be there....Kathy

@nne a dit…

C'est une très belle ville. En fait, j'aime toute la région. Mais mère est d'Amiens. Merci pour partager vos belles photos, @nne

Catherine a dit…

To Pilar:You should come to visit Rouen it's not so far from Spain!I am a bit late to write you , but i have been walking 4 hours yesterday and i was very tired.Espero que vas a pasar un buen dia! besos Catherine

Pilar a dit…

You need to rest a bit!!..don´t worry about write me.
Take good care of yourself,please!!!
Un abrazo enorme y feliz miércoles.

Mom's Coffee Time a dit…

Beautiful Pictures! Blessings!! ~Amy

Fröken Tindra a dit…

Lot´s and lot´s of lovely pictures!! I did really enjoy them!!
Best wishes!

Beatnheart a dit…

The Photograps were so amazing..Love them all..The shop windows!! Divine..what a great eye you have..Thank you and thanks for becoming a follower..I am doing the same..I shall be back..Great Music..who is she? Cynthia

Sylvia a dit…

Beautiful your Birth town !
Thanks for guiding,
Sylvia a dit…

What a beautiful Cathedral! What a beautiful town! Suzie xxx

The Hausfrau a dit…

Rouen is beautiful--I hope to visit sometime!