samedi 20 mars 2010

GAULT's miniatures houses

let me show you "GAULT's miniature provencal village.A few years ago i went to spend my holidays in Provence and i could not resist to buy this provencal village.Then i added some pieces from Normandy, Alsace , England and Netherlands.They are now part of my souvenirs.
I hope you enjoyed the visit. I had problems to put the links on my blog! but have a look.i still have problems with blogger! Have a look at my post " colors of spring" at the same time , i put two posts today , as long as blogger wants to work!!! see you later i hope!!! 

12 commentaires:

dora a dit…

!Que preciosidad, gracias por las fotos.Me ha gustado mucho

Eva a dit…

I am sure that you already know: I LOVE THEM!!!

maurakeith a dit…

Hello Catherine...I LOVE your village...what a wonderful group of buildings you have! I have some that I bought when in Edinburgh Scotland and England. Don't you just love all the little details they add to them...the flowers and arbors...stone walls etc? Mine were not made in France but maybe one day if get back over there I will drag my sister to France and we'll go exploring and shopping for villages from Gault. Maybe we can meet you for coffee one day! You never know. Take care my friend. Maura

Julie Harward a dit…

Oh my...they are so detailed and so cute! Little works of art! :D

Sylvia a dit…

What a beautiful collection, Catherine !
I have one little house, I bought it at a store in The Black Forest. There's a light in it and I use it during the Christmas periode.
Your Spring flowers are gorgeous and also the picture.
I have problems with Blogger too.
I've installed the browser from Mozilla Firefox, for me it's better than the Microsoft Explorer.
Have a nice evening,

Emmas utsikt a dit…

What a wonderful town. So special. :)

Yes Catherine, I bake a lot. hihi It´s so meditative and it tastes better than the shop´s. The bread in Norway is really crappy if you ask me. At least the one you get at the supermarket.

An I adore the flowers beneath. Lovely pictures.


Country Dreaming a dit…

Sorry I haven't been by lately.
Time has a way of getting by when one is busy.
Love your village AND your signs of Spring.
We have 5" of SNOW for our first day aof Spring! Oh, boy.
Take Care!


Corinne. a dit…

Wouhaaaa !!!
Très joli petit village, j'aime beaucoup le restaurant!
Bon w.end

Sage a dit…

Love that village. I had a wonderful village and the fun part was to add to it when i travelled.
When we downsized I have it to my granddaughter; she is 12 now and they still set it up at Christmas.

nanny a dit…

Wonderful collection....I love your village!

Grandma Yellow Hair a dit…

Catherine I am so glad I came by here today and got to see this beautiful colletion of yours. Really lovely
Thanks for sharing

Dolores a dit…

What a beautiful little village. Thank you for sharing it with us.