mercredi 17 mars 2010

hard working day.

I am very busy this week, the weather is nice ,so...lot to do! first i got up early and did some spring cleaning is my bedroom ,  windows , dust..., second bedroom started and will finish tomorow.Now i'm having a coffee . This afternoon  i took the plants off a wall before painting! it took me two hours , then put the clothes i had  ironed away , at 7 o'clock give a french lesson to my son's girlfriend from Moldavia on skype.... well i hope i will have time left to go on your blogs tonight!
This is this horrible wall i have to paint , before i put a clematis, honeysuckle  , a wisteria. There was some before but they were too old.Well since Monday it is warm here and we finally can see Spring!

Tomorow the dogs are being  groomed  ! spring cut!!! tomorow i will have a rest!
i wish you a good evening.

7 commentaires:

Julie Harward a dit… are going to have sore muscles! The crocus are so pretty, always a first sign of spring. Good luck with the painting! :D

Pilar a dit…

No has parado de trabajar!!...y todavía le robas a tus minutos de descanso ,un ratito para ponernos un post,eres admirable!!!
Cuídate mucho Catherine ,un abrazo y buenas noches.

Catherine a dit…

Para Pilar: si me voy a descansar manana, he trabajado hoy porque hacia sol y calor en el jardin. Besos Catherine

Beatnheart a dit…

Hard working Lady!! I love your haunting soundtrack..beautiful,sad...

nanny a dit…

so happy to find your wonderful blog!

Sharon a dit…

You put me to shame. I am still working on my bedroom. Living in a log home one must clean the logs of dust. Not a fun job. Have a well deserved rest.

Country Dreaming a dit…

Painting-yuck! Good Luck.
Love the flowers--Soon it will be Spring and more things will be green.

Have a super Thursday!!