mardi 9 février 2010

Saint Mickael's mount from above / Au dessus du Mont Saint Michel.

Saint Mikael's mount  . ( le Mont Saint Michel ) This is one of the beauties of  France .The Normands say it is in Normandy and the brittons , say it's in Brittany! Well for me it's on the border! In fact they have two things in common: the  pan cakes and the cider!
My daughter Maud once more gave me her pictures to show you this wonderful place ( from my point of view! )The Mount is surrounded by " moving sands ", so if you go there don't forget what i told you! you only go on the sand with a guide.When you go up there , it's better to in spring, because in summer it's overcrowded. The best place to go (if you have money!) is the "Mère Poulard's restaurant " you must taste her special "Omelette ".On the top of the Mount , there is a monastery, a cloister, a church and on top of the church The Arcangel Saint Michel killing the dragon. It's quite a long way up , but it's worth seeing. You will see the mount from above , because my daughter had a flight  there.Have a good visit! (you may click on the pictures to enlarge )
I wish you a good evening! or a good day!

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Desde mi ventana a dit…

A beauty of post Catherine.Mont de Saint Michel is one of the places to that still I have not travelled and want to know.
Thans for sharing.
Good evening.

Annalisa a dit…

What a beautiful post Catherine!Mont de Saint Michel is a wonderful place I'd love to visit,and your daughter is so brave!!!!
Have a lovely evening

Pilar a dit…

Qué belleza de imágenes!! realmente son espectaculares...ojalá algún día pueda visitar este lugar tan maravilloso y que tanto me ha fascinado a través de tus fotos .
Mil gracias a tu hija y a ti por compartir este pequeño "tesoro" con nosotros.
Te mando un cariñosísimo abrazo ,Catherine.

Aunt Amelia's Attic a dit…

I would so love to be able to visit le Mont Saint Michel!

maurakeith a dit…

This is beautiful...and what a birds eye view! I think I'd rather see it from the ground though. I've seen the one off the coast of Cornwall in England but never had the opportunity to walk over when the tide was out. One day I'll get over there and maybe see them both. Thank you for sharing your photo's Catherine!

Country Dreaming a dit…

Glorious pictures!


Madelief a dit…

Hi Catherine,

Beautiful pictures from St Michaels Mount!! Your pictures bring back good memories. We went to St Michalels Mount on our holiday some years ago. At that time our girls were still very young. Is it your daughter in the aeroplane?

Wish you a happy day!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Auntie Cake a dit…

All that you do is so lovely. I love stopping by and being transported to a beautiful land. Your flowers, teas, cakes and goodies are all so beautiful to look at. You are surrounded by all things beautiful!