mardi 23 février 2010

Rouen, Normandy, the ARMADA.

Every four years we have in Normandy, in Rouen, what is called  "L'Armada ". This is a meeting of old sailing vessels from all over  the world.We the Normands have a passion for boats, maybe it's the proximity of the river , the proximity of the sea... Lots of us have the vikings for ancestors.We all long for this nautical event which last two weeks in July.Every evening there is a big firework, concerts and restaurants from different countries are open all night.The sailors live in a Normand family during their stay and it's a friendly atmospehre , between different cultures, an exchange of friendship during these moments that we are very proud of! At the begining we welcome them on riversides , the sailors sings and climb on top of the masts. It take two days before they arrive , because of the tides and we patiently wait.At the end of the two weeks we get up very early to say good by , it's a hundred kilometers of riversides full of people waving to them good by.
Once we did the trip to the Harbour of "Le Havre " on a russian vessel " LE MIR" it has been a fantastic adventure for the children ( and for us too!) one day on a vessel with people on both sides of the river, the wind ,the sun and the strange feeling when you go under a bridge ...the mast is so tall.They must calculate the height of the mast and the hour of the tide otherwise it can break.
Our new bridge , it is not horrible i think ,but it can go up to let the vessels come in the port .

THE VESSEL we like best is the Mexican GUAUHTEMOC 90,5meters ,built in Bilbao 1982.

Our French one the Belem , a school vessel.
The second of our favorites , AMERIGO VESPUCCI , Italian.

Oosterschelde,from Netherland ( as some of you are from this country )
Russian Mir , the vessel we went on.towards the sea "LE HAVRE"

The estuary of the river " SEINE ".

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Eva a dit…

That great spectacle and that majestic

Nezzy a dit…

Thank you dear Catherine for sharing these beautiful vessels with us and taking us along with you to the ports to the Armada.

God bless and have just the best day!!!

Catherine a dit…

To Maurakeith: Do you have a blog? i can't write to you as thereis no link on your profile. thank you Catherine

Celestial Charms a dit…

What a lovely tradition. Those ships are marvelous. The entire two weeks must be so very fun. I would love to see all the festivities in person :)

Bruxa da Montanha a dit…

Hi Cath.
We are in sintony!
Look my post today.
Be in touch!
Maria Lucia

maurakeith a dit…

Oh what a wonderful festival!!! Maybe one day my husband and I will get over to England to see my sister and her family around the time of this event. What a wonderful sight this would be and you even got to go on one of the lucky woman! I have to show my husband these pictures...he was a sailor years ago. Thank you for telling us about this Catherine! Take care.

Sage a dit…

I am so excited with your post.We love old ships. It was summer 2008Quebec city was celebrating their 400 anniversary. We went to celebrate and the Belem was there and we went aboard to visit it. What a thrill! Great memories.

Pilar a dit…

Por un instante me he trasladado a otra época ,a otro siglo ....sería fabuloso poder disfrutar de un viaje en cualquiera de esos magníficos veleros ,moviéndose al ritmo del mar y del viento.
Vuestro preferido ,el mejicano "GUAUHTEMOC",fue construido en mi ciudad ,Bilbao(aquí nací yo y viví hasta que me casé ...y me trasladé a La Coruña).
Me alegra mucho que precisamente el que hicieron en mi tierra fuese vuestro favorito.
Me han encantado tus imágenes como siempre Catherine!!!
Un abrazo enorme y feliz miércoles.

Suzy's Vintage Attic a dit…

Hello Catherine

How wonderful, I have a passion for old ships and maritime history/archeology. I must make it there one year! Those ships are so majestic. A lovely post!

I live in Rouen for one year (1970), I was 4 years old and remember a little about it.

Warm wishes
Isabelle x

Madelief a dit…

What a beautiful event! It must have been special to sail into the harbour on such a tall ship.

We have an event like this in Holland as well. It's called Sail Amsterdam. We went there once a long time ago. I can remember it being a beautiful sight!

Have a happy wednesday.

Lieve groet, Madelief

Catherine a dit…

TO Pilar: Yes it's a beautiful boat and a big's nice to know that you was born in Bilbao at the same place the boat was built! i don't know this town, i know Madrid, Segovia, Tolédo y el sur Andalucia. Tank you for coming , have a nice evening; Besos Catherine

Pilar a dit…

Cuando tengas oportunidad ,viaja a Bilbao...estoy segura que te gustará mucho.Todo el País Vasco es mágico , la gente es realmente encantadora , la gastronomía es fabulosa y el paisaje de ensueño...(bueno reconozco que es mi tierra y la adoro).
Un abrazo enorme y buenas noches!!